BP Plc (NYSE: BP) and Exa Corp. signed an agreement for Exa’s DigitalROCK relative permeability software solution, which a senior adviser at BP said would be used by BP.

The two companies have a multiyear commercial agreement. The product will aid decision making on EOR, wells and production facilities, the press release said.

Joanne Fredrich, upstream technology senior adviser, said the software solution would be used across BP’s global portfolio, adding that the product was the result of a three-year collaborative development and testing effort. DigitalROCK generates reliable relative permeability information directly from digital scans, she said.

DigitalROCK is based on Exa’s multiphase fluid flow simulation technology, the press release said.

David Freed, vice president of oil and gas for Exa, said “predictive simulation of relative permeability from a digital scan of a rock sample is now a reality” for E&Ps.

Exa Corp. is an engineering software solutions provider based in Burlington, Mass.