BP has agreed to join Norway’s Statkraft and Aker Offshore Wind in a ‎consortium to bid for permits to build wind power projects offshore Norway, the companies said on June 14.

The partnership—in which BP, Statkraft and Aker Offshore Wind will each hold a 33.3% ‎share—will pursue a bid to develop offshore wind power in the Sørlige Nordsjø II (SN2) ‎license area.

The area is suitable for bottom-fixed wind power platform and sits on a maritime border with Denmark, providing a potential to export electricity to neighboring markets.

The ‎consortium also intends to explore opportunities to provide clean power to electrify ‎offshore oil and gas facilities. The partnership would work with local suppliers, building ‎industrial competencies for Norway’s offshore wind market, and contribute toward value ‎creation in the Nordic and European energy market.

BP has interests in the offshore wind sector in the both the U.S. and U.K. and a longstanding ‎onshore wind business in the U.S. It brings strong North Sea development and operating ‎experience, international energy trading capabilities and a disciplined financial framework to ‎the partnership.‎

Aker brings to the project its learnings and know-how from five decades of designing and ‎executing offshore projects in the North Sea as a supplier, developer and operator. Aker ‎Horizons will work closely with the consortium on topics including strategy and financing, ‎and the partnership will also benefit from the broad capabilities of other Aker companies, ‎including Cognite and Aker Solutions.‎

With BP joining the Norwegian consortium, energy cooperation between Norway and the ‎United Kingdom is also further strengthened.‎

“Our partnership has the potential to redefine Norway’s position as an energy ‎nation, and the consortium’s joint capabilities are building blocks to lead the energy ‎transition. Together with Statkraft and BP we will work to develop the Norwegian offshore ‎wind industry, reduce emissions and create new jobs,” Kristian Røkke, CEO of Aker Horizons, ‎said.