CGG has been awarded three major seismic imaging projects by BP, two from the deepwater Gulf of Mexico and one from offshore Trinidad & Tobago.

These projects will start in first-/second- quarter this year and complete with cloud delivery of the data no later than fourth-quarter of 2021.

Utilizing CGG Cloud supercomputing, imaging specialists at CGG’s Houston subsurface imaging center will employ compute-intensive data-driven proprietary algorithms, such as time-lag full-waveform inversion and least-squares migration, to ensure timely delivery of the highest-quality images to better support renewal and development decisions.

“This high-profile set of awards demonstrates client demand for our best-in-class technology and service,” Colin Murdoch, CGG’s executive vice president of geoscience, said. “By consistently investing in our people, imaging technology innovation, and high-performance computing infrastructure during the pandemic crisis, CGG continues to provide an unmatched level of services and image quality as the recognized leader in high-end seismic imaging.”