Bosch Rexroth has been awarded the Spotlight On New Technology award from the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC 2020) on May 4 for its high force and low voltage subsea valve actuator (SVA).

This groundbreaking innovation enables the implementation of the all-subsea factory in greenfields and brownfields. The award-winning solution was recognized for its environmentally friendly setup, energy efficiency and functional safety. Featuring a cost-effective modular design with a complete redundant drive and safety system, the solution works reliably in operating depths up to 3,000 m (9,842 ft).

Bosch Rexroth’s subsea valve actuator enables the electrification of subsea production systems not only for the development of greenfields, but also for the modernization of brownfields. (Source: Bosch Rexroth Corp.)

Combining the advantages of both electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic systems in a compact electro-mechanical actuator with hydrostatic drive, the award-winning SVA proves to be a viable alternative to electro-mechanical and conventional hydraulic systems. The SVA provides up to SIL3 safety including condition monitoring, consumes up to 75% less energy, and is designed for 25 years of operation. With redundant pressure compensation, it can reliably operate in the harsh environment of subsea applications.

Electrification of previously installed subsea production systems has not been a viable option in the past, due to their demand for high-voltage power supplies. The newly designed Bosch Rexroth SVA can provide high forces to actuate the installed valves by using the available low voltage power supply - according to the Subsea Instrumentation Interface Standard (SIIS). 

For the exploration of new installations, Rexroth’s SVA solution provides a key component to complete the all-subsea factory, qualifying as a compact solution for all subsea actuators that demand a fail-safe closure by springs or high actuation forces. This especially applies to installations where electric actuators have not yet been able to replace conventional hydraulic systems, e.g. for safety-relevant valves up to SIL3 or high forces with limited space and weight available, when operating 7-inch gate valves or high pressure, high temperatures wells.

Highlights of the winning product include the avoidance of hydraulic leakage into the ocean, increasing productivity with a highly-reliable, safe and precise actuator, as well as new possibilities to expand brownfields with new equipment—without adding new hydraulic or electric power supplies. 

In addition, the SVA qualifies as an ideal solution to simplify existing production systems removing the dependency on hydraulic power lines in umbilicals and the associated top-side hydraulic power units.

With these features, the SVA completes the range of traditional hydraulic and all-electric subsea actuators for subsea control and production systems. Optimized for manufacturing, the system is based on industrial standard components and produced to the highest quality standards, using efficient lean production methods.