BJ Services said Feb. 4 it has reached a key milestone with the advancement of field trials for its next-generation fracturing pump platform, the TITAN—the backbone of the company’s next-generation fleet.

The TITAN is powered by a direct drive natural gas-fired turbine capable of providing over 5,000 Horsepower, and delivers one of the most efficient ‘power to pump’ combinations available. Fueled 100% by natural gas, the TITAN supports the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, reduced costs, improved mobility, and reliable operations while meeting the most stringent noise reduction requirements across North America.

The company initiated yard testing of a prototype configuration in mid-2019, and as of January 2020, has advanced testing to rigorous field trials in one of the most demanding unconventional basins of North America. During the current phase, the company will continue validating the technologies designed by BJ Services and incorporated into its future equipment platform. 

“The TITAN program is two years in the making,” Warren Zemlak, president and CEO of BJ Services, said. “The company has entered into an agreement supporting deployment of the first commercial TITAN fleet in the second half of 2020, which will launch the beginning of our next-generation fleet strategy. We are excited about the potential for the TITAN to deliver a new standard of environmentally responsible, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for our clients.”

Since BJ's re-launch in 2017, the company has continued to develop intellectual property, in addition to obtaining the rights to over 500 legacy patents, which span chemicals and equipment, including electric and direct drive turbine technology.