Basic Energy Services Inc. said July 18 that one of its high-spec, 24-hour rig and equipment packages recently completed a record-setting Wolfcamp A well for Surge Energy US Holdings Co. in the Permian Basin.

Rig #1826, based in Big Spring, Texas, along with a bundled Basic high-spec ancillary equipment package successfully drilled out frac plugs over a total horizontal displacement of 17,935 ft (3.4 miles). To date, this well marks the longest known lateral completed in the Permian Basin.

The rig, a high-spec, 600-horsepower Taylor well servicing unit, coupled with Basic’s twin 2,250 horsepower pumps and high-performance ancillary equipment, completed the drill-out of the Medusa Unit C 28-09 3AH safely and efficiently in six days.