AFGlobal has successfully deployed its Stinger Deployed Diverless Connector (SDDC) system offshore Malaysia, the company said on July 21. This project commenced in April 2019 and was completed in April 2020. Within a year, AFGlobal designed, built, tested and deployed two of the SDDC’s subsea installation for the Tembikai Non-Associated Gas (TNAG) field development project.

The SDDC is a diverless technology designed to improve safety with smaller installation vessel needs and no divers required. Based on AFGlobal’s proven Retlock clamp technology, this compact system helps operators achieve a 20% cost reduction compared to conventional diver installation. It is also installable with a pipeline receiver and launcher (PLR) for commissioning directly after installation. This technology is suitable for deepwater and shallow water applications.

The idea behind the technology was to create a shallow water pipelay that did not require welding pipeline connections or the need for divers, along with the ability to reduce the cost and time on projects. With an imminent project application, the SDDC went from an initial idea conception to deployment in less than a year.