, a technology-enabled marketplace platform specializing in oil and gas property asset sales, is celebrating 22 years since its founding.

Founded in early February 1999, EnergyNet brought a new approach to a long-established business of oil and gas acquisitions and divestitures, according to a company release on Feb. 24.

EnergyNet, based in Amarillo, Texas, focuses on leading the A&D field with its technology-enabled platform. The firm’s decades-long history of consistent execution on the EnergyNet platform is a catalyst for the people of EnergyNet to adapt, reinvent and repurpose its capabilities to many markets and commodities, the company release said.

Commenting on the milestone, Chris Atherton, president and CEO of, said: “We are proud of our history and accomplishments and EnergyNet will continue to focus on strategic business development, driving company growth and expanding on our client-focused agenda in the future. EnergyNet has a history to be proud of and definitely a future to look forward to.”

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Stream Hart Energy’s virtual
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EnergyNet employs over 45 full-time upstream A&D professionals—including engineers and geologists—located in Houston, Amarillo, Dallas, Midland, Denver and Oklahoma City.

In the past two years, EnergyNet has successfully closed $5 billion in oil and gas assets, according to its release. The firm facilitates private sales, sealed-bid sale processes, transparent bid auctions and government agency lease sales.