The #1-29 Patricia discovery by Cimarex
Energy Co., Denver, flowed a combined
5.6 million cu. ft. of gas a day from two
Pennsylvanian zones in Section 29-11n-
19w, about two miles southeast of Canute
in Washita County, Okla. The 16,145-ft.
well tested for 1.28 million cu. ft. of gas
and 10 bbl. of water a day from Atoka
from 15,820 to 15,931 ft., 225,000 cu. ft.
of gas and one bbl. of water from Atoka
from 14,930-48 ft. and 4.05 million cu. ft.
of gas a day with no water from Des
Moines from 14,314-36 ft.
Cimarex tested all three zones on an
8/64-in. choke with 7,350 psi, 1,300 psi
and 800 psi of flowing tubing pressure,
respectively. The company received state
permission to commingle production.
Existing production from Des Moines and
Granite Wash is about a mile north on the
southeastern flank of Canute North Field;
the nearest production from Atoka is two
miles north.