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Occidental’s 1PointFive Agrees to Sell Carbon Credits to Microsoft

1PointFive said the agreement marks the largest single purchase of CO2 removal credits enabled by direct air capture to date.

Iowa Board Approves Segment of $5.5B CO2 Transport Pipeline

Summit Carbon Solutions still needs approval from four other states for its CO2 transport pipeline.

Heirloom Makes Plans for Two DAC Facilities in Louisiana

Heirloom Carbon Technologies expects the facilities, located at the Port of Caddo-Bossier in northwest Louisiana, to remove about 17,000 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere starting in 2026.

Exxon Taps Air Liquide for Largest Low-carbon Hydrogen, Ammonia Project

 Exxon Mobil and Air Liquide’s hydrogen and ammonia project is expected to transport low-carbon hydrogen from Exxon’s Baytown, Texas, facility through Air Liquide’s pipeline network.

Report: Global Energy Demand, Emissions Rise

Data showed global energy consumption increased 2% to a record 620 exajoules (EJ), driven by increases in coal and oil use.

Hirs: How the Cost of Carbon Avoidance Bolsters Nuclear Power

States and the EU have introduced nascent carbon pricing schemes with taxes, tax benefits and offsets. It isn’t unreasonable to assume that carbon pricing will become increasingly tangible.

Brewing Hydrogen: Cemvita’s Gold H2 Targets Commercialization

Under the right conditions, depleted oil reservoirs can be transformed into hydrogen producers, or subsurface biorefineries, Gold H2 CEO says.