Abaco Drilling Technologies designs and manufactures an elite line of power sections and elastomer technologies that are meticulously engineered and crafted to deliver this maximum drilling and thru-tubing completion performance. Whatever the operating environment, Abaco has the right technology to power drilling operations around the world.

Optimizing Performance Through Innovation

OPTIFIT is the latest engineering innovation from Abaco. This new stator design delivers an optimized fit for all drilling applications. Single direction stators feature harder rubber with deviated profiles to address high power and high torque drilling stresses on the power section lower end. The variable fit of the rotor and stator stabilizes the lower end to reduce frictional wear and overheating by balancing fluid pressure distribution. This new design results in maximized performance and greater power section reliability, especially at high power, with a significant reduction in field failure rates.

Delivering Performance Worldwide

Abaco utilizes more than 350,000 sq. ft of manufacturing facilities worldwide, offering state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing, CMM rotor measurement and repair, complete stator relining, and drilling fluid compatibility testing for mud motors. Their modern facilities encompass precision manufacturing capabilities, quality control, R&D, and engineering proficiency. These resources all combine to provide power section solutions that increase efficiency, improve safety, and maximize downhole performance. Abaco delivers bottom line results and value to customers by consistently increasing the performance benchmark and extending the lifecycle of their power sections.

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