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Oilfield well completion equipment provider Magnum Oil Tools International has deployed its 10,000th Magnum Vanishing Plug™ (MVP™) since the product’s launch in 2014.

The MVP™ is the world’s first dissolvable frac plug – it reduces time to production and cost associated with well intervention, improving safety at the wellsite by dissolving on its own at a predictable rate when introduced to downhole operating temperatures.

In the two and a half years after its introduction, the MVP™ has been implemented in the field by some of the world’s leading operators.

The MVP™ has been successfully deployed in approximately 735 wells by 63 different operators and service companies in shale plays all over the world.

The MVP™ dissolves predictably at 180° to 350° F and is rated for pressures up to 10,000 PSI. Because the tool’s proprietary material dissolves quickly and predictably, reducing time to production and eliminating the frac plug drillout operation, it is estimated to save operators hundreds of thousands of dollars per well completion. With over 10,000 runs in the field since its development, the Magnum Vanishing Plug™ has delivered unmatched completion savings to operators worldwide… That’s in addition to the incalculable safety and well completion efficiency benefits of avoiding hundreds of potential well interventions.

“The success of the MVP™ plug has allowed us to remove the entire millout operation from our completions plans,” said one Completions Coordinator from a global E&P company. “As the industry moves to even more aggressive completion techniques, the MVP has already proven to be a superior plug; it is vastly easier to implement – we just set it and forgot it.”

Soon Magnum Oil Tools International will be expanding the operating temperature range of the MVP™ making it applicable in shale plays such as the Wolfcamp Shale in the Permian Basin and cooler temperature zones around the world.

For more on the Magnum Vanishing Plug™ visit info.magnumoiltools.com/mvp.