These days, the energy business is reliant upon data. That date is generated by cloud applications, smart devices, IoT, and even social media. So how can an energy company keep the vast data lakes in their midst under control?

In a recent webinar, Brian Becker, vice president of information technology and private Marcellus operator BKV Corp., joined Mark Schreiber, general manager at Cloudwick and Keith Norman, head of technology partnerships and Amazon Web Services (AWS). “What we are seeing in the energy sector if a need to become a data-driven business,” Schreiber said.

Becker and Norman took viewers through BKV’s journey to its data lake solution in partnership with AWS. Specifically, they revealed why BKV chose to partner with AWS and Cloudwick for its data lake. The two executives discussed how they successfully planned and managed BKV’s data lake modernization initiative.

In addition, they discussed building a data lake-driven performance culture and company and BKV, and the partnership with Cloudwick to align IT, operations, engineering and lines of business. Finally, they discussed overcoming data lake migration and modernization challenges.