With over 300 dedicated associates scattered throughout the globe providing 24-hour, 7-day-a-week reliability services on critical assets and equipment in almost every industrial segment, there is no match for RelaDyne Reliability Services.

Vice-President Scott Hill reflects on the past decade since the formation of RelaDyne knowing that the success of the global leader in reliability services is a direct result of investing in people, process, and technology to ensure that providing world-class sustainable reliability solutions for the entire industrial customer base remains the top priority.

On Nov 8, RelaDyne proudly celebrated its 10th year Anniversary and is poised to continue their massive growth trend in all their respective business segments. RelaDyne started in 2010 with the merger of four premier lubrication, fuel and reliability services companies:

  • Pumpelly Oil, Louisiana
  • Oils Distributing, Ohio
  • Mid-Town Petroleum, Illinois
  • Hurt Oil, Texas

The strategy was based on the vision to combine their resources creating a nationwide footprint providing the “best in class” customer service and lubrication products.  In 2011 RelaDyne added Hill Oil Company and its reliability services division, PetroClean Solutions (under former owner Scott Hill), setting the stage for future reliability services acquisitions resulting in RelaDyne prevailing as the most diverse lubricant, fuel, and reliability services provider in the US and abroad.   The acquisitions of Industrial Action Services, Turbo Filtration Company and Circor Reliability Services over the years that followed ultimately led to RelaDyne Reliability Services becoming the most trusted advisor for industrial reliability services.  With a geographical footprint of 10 Domestic and 6 International service hubs, RRS is strategically positioned to deploy its certified project teams and custom-built equipment to execute multiple reliability service projects simultaneously across the globe. RRS is uniquely structured into four reliability service lines which allow it to offer the most diversified portfolio of reliability services for the most demanding industrial sectors:

  1. North American Services team provides coast-to-coast reliability services project execution consisting of high-velocity flushing and filtration services for start-up and commissioning, planned and unplanned outage support across the entire industrial landscape including power generation, petro-chem, refining, pulp and paper, steel, nuclear power, and renewable energy sectors.
  2. Clarus Fluid Intelligence is considered the premier provides specialized technical flushing and filtration services supporting the entire U.S. Navy fleet for both planned ship maintenance and emergency response efforts across the global waterfront.
  3. Sicelub is the international partner to RelaDyne Reliability Services providing start-up and commissioning, flushing and filtration services, and technical equipment sales across Latin and South America.
  4. Lubrication Systems Company (LSC) provides a variety of RelaDyne Reliability Services products serving industries across the globe from its Houston, Texas, office.

The diversity of the entire organization, specifically LSC, is unique because they custom engineer and design automated centralized lubrication systems that keep refineries and chemical plants in operation across the world.

For over 70 years, the LSC team of sales engineers continue to design and develop technology in Centralized Lubrication Systems, Grease systems, Oil Mist Systems, Pre-Engineered Lube Oil Systems, Oil Purification Systems, ThermoJet and Vacuum Dehydration Units.  With over 9,000 units in operation internationally and 6,000 units domestically, RelaDyne LSC continues to manufacture, install, and service the most dependable oil misting systems worldwide.  The design behind LSC equipment allows complete automation for the RelaDyne Reliability Services customer base as predictive and preventative maintenance technology prevents disruption, unscheduled outages and downtime while maximizing uptime and maximum efficiency out of their critical plant operating equipment.

Known for partnering with their customers to ensure sustainable reliability programs, RelaDyne Reliability Services provides unparalleled service as they invest in their people, process, and technology to ensure they are the leading global reliability service provider in every industrial segment. 

For more information on RelaDyne Reliability Services please visit:  www.reladyneRS.com