With health environmental safety regulations on the rise in the US, it is important for oil & gas companies to incorporate digitally enabled solutions to comply with environmental concerns as well as operate safely and efficiently. Siemens Energy provides totally integrative IoT for optimal and efficient operations. One of our leading solutions is Spontaneous Leak Detection Solution (SLDS) in partnership with ProFlex Technologies. SLDS is a leak detection system that alerts operators of a leak occurrence within minutes of it happening, as well as gives a precise location of the leak. It is offered as a SaaS model and can be applied to onshore pipelines (liquid or gas lines), offshore risers, and gathering systems. The SLDS solution provides for smart infrastructure, reducing environmental risk, security, and lowering operational and insurance costs.

For more information, visit: https://www.siemens-energy.com/global/en/offerings/industrial-applications/oil-gas/onshore-solutions/spontaneous-leak-detection.html