To be successful in any industry, a business team needs to react quickly to market changes, client needs, and new opportunities. To meet these demands, companies can’t wait for scheduled commercial flights, unreliable charter, or the restrictions of jet card memberships. Whole aircraft ownership only adds another level of operational complexity and substantially higher costs. A share in the PlaneSense® fractional program offers a cost-effective solution and the competitive advantage of private business travel.

PlaneSense, Inc. was founded nearly 25 years ago on the belief that there was a smarter way to fly privately. Notable aviation experience combined with a proven commitment to safety and service means businesses have a convenient and reliable option for corporate travel designed to keep them ahead of competitors.  

Saving Time

A fractional share is an investment in time, which is a fleeting commodity for most companies. Here are five ways a fractional share can turn back the clock:

1. Fly on Your Schedule
Fractional ownership allows teams to fly at their own convenience, leaving behind the rigid schedules and long lines of commercial airlines. Inconsistent and unreliable charter are also a thing of the past. With just a few hours’ notice, your team can be on the way to that critical last minute business meeting aboard a state-of-the-art private jet.

2. Guaranteed Availability
When you buy a share, you gain an entire fleet. PlaneSense, Inc. operates the largest civilian fleet of Pilatus PC-12 turboprop aircraft and one of the largest fleets of Pilatus PC-24 jets. If an aircraft is scheduled for maintenance, there’s a whole fleet available to cover your flight. Additionally, there are no blackout dates to contend with, so your team has unlimited ability to fly when needed.

3. Go Where No Business Jet Has Gone Before
The exceptional landing capabilities of the Pilatus PC-12 and PC-24 mean companies have access to thousands more airfields than most commercial or other corporate aircraft across the U.S., Canada, Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico. The PC-12 is able to access runways as short as 2,000’, including unpaved and grass strips. The PC-24 jet is able to access runways as short as 3,000’. This means airports in remote locations are often easily accessible, allowing you to avoid busy commercial hubs and long drives to your destination. You’ll save time by getting closer than ever to your clients or work sites.

4. World Class Service
The Flight Operations Center (FOC) is available 24/7/365, with a dedicated team managing your flight from your initial call with the dedicated reservation team to the arrival at your destination. Your pilots and the FOC work diligently to ensure your flight stays on schedule by closely monitoring weather, air traffic, and other factors preceding your flight.

5. Be Home for Dinner
Corporate travel becomes easier with a fractional share, making it possible to condense long business trips into one or two days. You’ll get more business done by conducting meetings in flight and avoiding the typical delays of other air travel options. Your team will be left with more time for the important things, like getting home in time for dinner with their families.


Cost Savings

In addition to the time savings, fractional ownership is a financially valuable asset for businesses to consider. As mentioned above, the ability to get closer to clients at a moment’s notice is important in the overall success of one’s business, but there are a number of other financial advantages to owning a share in the PlaneSense® fractional program:

1. Share the Responsibility
There are great advantages to sharing the responsibility and costs of aircraft operations when compared to whole aircraft ownership. With fractional ownership, the costs are spread across all the share owners.

2. Tax and depreciation
Aircraft that are owned and operated by businesses are often depreciable for income tax purposes. They can depreciate up to 100% in the year you take ownership. To be eligible, a business aircraft must be used at least fifty percent for business purposes. A variety of factors determine if an aircraft may be depreciated, so companies should discuss the circumstances with a tax advisor.

3. No Surprises
Fractional share owners in the PlaneSense® program know all their costs up front. There are no repositioning fees, like charter services. Most importantly, there are no cost increases during peak travel times. Customized share sizes allow you to control costs by tailoring the program to your company’s flight needs.

Safety and Training

All of this is accomplished with PlaneSense’s uncompromising commitment to safety. Each time you step onto a PlaneSense® program aircraft, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you have two of the most highly trained pilots in the cockpit to guide you safely and comfortably to your destination. PlaneSense® pilots are recognized in the industry for their extensive training and customer service excellence. The world class service for which the PlaneSense program has become known is expected at every level of the company, including the pilots of your aircraft.

Each aircraft in the PlaneSense® fleet is expertly maintained to the highest of standards by the company’s own certified A&P maintenance technicians to the highest of standards. Each technician undergoes extensive training in every aspect of the Pilatus aircraft. As a result of their determination and commitment to excellence, our aircraft mechanics have consistently earned the “Diamond Award for Excellence” from the FAA for more than 15 years and the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) “Training Excellence Award.”

Overall more and more businesses are choosing PlaneSense to provide them with one of the most cost-effective private business flying solutions on the most advanced aircraft in the country. Discover how PlaneSense always strives to exceed your flying expectations and become an important tool in the success of your business.

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