The midstream market has evolved. Siemens evolved with it, to meet the emerging needs of pipeline operators globally.

Pipelines 4.0 is an integrated approach to the engineering, supply and life cycle optimization of pipeline assets, tailored to meet the new needs of pipeline operators globally. As oil and gas producers continue to unlock North America’s vast unconventional resources, the industry faces a monumental hurdle: expand pipeline infrastructure accordingly to move product to market with maximum efficiency, or face the consequences of a massive midstream bottleneck. Further down the supply chain, pipeline operators face a number of emerging challenges that go beyond the pressing demand for expansion. These include aging assets, the need to manage increasingly high volumes of data, cybersecurity concerns and tightening legislative requirements—in addition to the ever-present challenge of minimizing costs, while ensuring long-term asset reliability.

Drawing on its extensive midstream experience, Siemens launched Pipelines 4.0 in 2017 with the singular objective of helping pipeline operators keep pace with the evolving market conditions. Supporting both liquids and natural gas pipelines, Siemens is a major provider of engineering solutions and technologies for midstream assets, including pump and compressor stations, tank farms, terminals and storage facilities. With the industry’s largest installed base of rotating equipment, the company also offers motors and drives, electrification (including e-shelters), digital and SCADA solutions. A range of financing options rounds out its integrated Pipelines 4.0 portfolio.

Discover the Power of Choice: Reducing Lead Times through a Breadth of Pipeline Technologies—and Single-Source Efficiency

Siemens covers the midstream market through a breadth of innovative technologies. The company joined forces with Dresser-Rand in 2016, integrating two great portfolios. Electric-driven Motor Compressor Packages are a great example. Tailored to the specific needs of a given operator, the integrated configurations enhance efficiency and reduce risk. More specifically, these integrated packages are pre-engineered for rapid installation and startup, enabling operators to significantly reduce project lead times. They are also designed to maximize component access for serviceability.

In addition to supporting gas pipelines, Siemens has a longstanding track record as a provider of integrated engineering solutions and equipment for pump stations—integral to the safe, efficient and reliable transportation of crude oil across vast pipeline networks. From the design through the supply of e-shelters, motors, drives and control systems, Siemens has partnered with major pipeline operators on some of the largest projects in the industry.

Discover your Untapped Assets: Data-based Solutions for Pipelines

Advances in sensor technology and data analytics have ushered in the Internet of Things (IoT), which is steadily transforming entire industries, including oil and gas. Siemens’ data-based solutions, which include remote monitoring and drive-train analytics, offer the ideal antidote for aging pipeline assets. The company is also developing unique applications, like SmartPump, to improve operational efficiency and drive down costs. And the company’s cybersecurity strategies can help operators afford maximum protection to strategic midstream assets.

Discover the Power of Partnership: Beyond Engineering and Digital Solutions

Siemens goes beyond engineering and digital solutions for pipeline operators. Pipeline projects are critical in importance, large in scale and increasingly on tight schedules to de-bottleneck the oil and gas supply chain. To help operators maximize efficiency, Siemens offers several business and financing models, including leasing, debt financing and equity investments for midstream projects, rounding out Pipelines 4.0.

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