CoolSet lifts production in the Permian Basin by 42% over raw sand wells. A total of five wells were surveyed, two CoolSet wells, with 10% resin tail-in, and three 100% raw frac sand wells within a one-mile radius. Over the course of 24 months, the CoolSet wells cumulative production was 42% greater than the production of the raw sand wells. The polymeric coating of CoolSet minimizes proppant scaling, resulting in increased flow capacity, which contributes to enhanced EUR.

The high crush strength and unconfined compressive strength (UCS) of CoolSet versus raw sand near-wellbore, minimizes fines generation and leads to greater production rates. The reduction of fines and embedment near-wellbore with a curable resin-coated proppant, means maintaining fracture width for longer periods of time. Additionally, the proppant flowback control provided by a curable resin means saving $150k-$400k in production cost during the first two years for an average horizontal well.

Wells with curable resin-coated proppant tail-in do enhance IP and EUR in comparison to wells with only frac sand. Based on Fairmount Santrol’s findings, wells with a 10-20% resin-coated proppant tail-in, will typically payback in 2-4 months and increase the Net Present Value of the well.

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