All eyes are on the Permian. It’s no secret that much of the world’s increased energy demand will be satisfied by the US, and the Permian Basin is the darling on center stage.

Hart Energy’s IndustryVoice has partnered with Premier OilField Group, IHS Markit and PrecisionHawk to capture the changing landscape of the West Texas Oil Boom in this first of a three-part video series, Permian Basin: A Solution Story.

Our first video is shot almost exclusively from locations throughout the Permian Basin, which provides unprecedented access to the region, and discusses the transformation of the basin. It highlights the important role that rock materials dating back to the 40’s and 50’s still play today, as Operators and Service Companies share their stories on how these “rocks” are helping them discover what the geology of the Permian holds using today’s technologies.

This video will appeal to anyone with an interest in the basin’s history, or those that have an appreciation for the role physical rock plays in grounding and constraining models of the Permian plays. Whether you are new to the industry or have been in it for decades, you’ll enjoy learning about the importance of these rich source rocks that are shaping the history of US shale oil. At the end of the day, the geology is the ground truth - everything else is speculation.

About this program’s sponsor; Premier Oilfield Group provides upstream oil and gas companies with the subsurface data, analysis, and simulations they need to make more effective and efficient decisions. To learn more about Premier Oilfield Group, click here.