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Imagine a world where checking in at a drilling location or wellsite is as easy as sending a text.

That world is reality with Panther Security’s virtual gate guard service. Site visitors simply drive up to the gate and text the number on the sign. No more trailers or guard shacks, no more paper records, and no more worrying about gate guards not showing up for their shift. With an unmanned gate guard, you can get the job done, even in a labor shortage.

The Panther Companies’ new line of security products includes virtual gate guard and remote surveillance services. Along with Panther’s solar-powered surveillance cameras, the unmanned gate guard is the ideal solution for managing remote locations in today’s digital world. The virtual gate guard is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gate guards, eliminating the need for personnel and support services onsite.

Oilfield Security Systems for the Digital World
How does it work?

Upon arrival at the monitored location, the employee or visitor logs in remotely via their smart phone. The gate automatically opens and closes. High-definition cellular-powered cameras record vehicles entering and exiting the job site and provide 24/7 monitoring from a fully-staffed remote command center.

Oilfield Security Systems for the Digital WorldVirtual gate guards are ideal for out-of-the-way locations where secure, gated entry is necessary, but having a guard onsite 24/7 is unsafe or impractical. This new service:

  • Tracks and documents employees, contractors and worksite visitors
  • Alerts the company of unauthorized visitors
  • Creates a digital and video log of all personnel entering and leaving the job location
  • Can verify employee and contractor hours and verify trips/truckloads in and out of the facility or job location

Panther’s remote surveillance cameras complement the unmanned gate guard. These cameras are solar-powered and can be mounted on existing structures, or brought in on portable trailers. 

Improving ESG compliance

Today, companies are challenged to differentiate themselves from the competition and be more proactive with environmental stewardship and global awareness. ESG refers to the environmental, social and governance factors for measuring the sustainability and social impact of an investment in a company or business. When incorporated into investment analysis and portfolio management, ESG can offer investors insight into potential long term financial performance of a company.

Panther’s virtual gate guard eliminates support equipment necessary for manned gates: RV or guard shack, light tower, water tanks, sewer tanks, generators, fuel tanks and portable toilet. Removing these items from location decreases noise, light pollution and fuel emissions. It also reduces the number of trucks required to transport and refuel equipment. Fewer trucks on the road reduces emissions and the risk of traffic accidents. 

Oilfield Security Systems for the Digital World

The solar panels and backup batteries on cameras are a reliable and environmentally safe power source. No diesel-powered generators or water hook-ups are needed and there is no need to find and retain qualified and reliable security personnel. The trailer-mounted system can be easily deployed to any location and provides a less-intrusive installation that reduces clutter at the entrance while adding unmatched accountability to remote operations.

Deterring equipment theft from the workplace

Employee theft and fraud cost U.S. businesses an estimated $20-50 billion each year. While reviewing cases of global occupation fraud/theft across multiple industries, the Austin, Texas-based Association of Certified Fraud Examiners discovered that most occupational frauds are committed by employee-level or manager-level personnel. Panther’s virtual gate guard fulfills one of the most important steps for deterring potential theft by tracking who is entering and exiting a location. The virtual gate guard service provides a spreadsheet and video record of all visitor entries and exits. Onsite cameras capture activities on location. In the event of theft or accidents, these digital records can be used to shed light on what really happened.


Safety, security and reliability in the digital world

Panther Security’s unmanned gate guard service and remote surveillance cameras can be a key part of any oil and gas operator’s safety plan. These services replace unreliable paper records with secure digital documentation, increase safety at remote locations and are environmentally friendly.

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