Midstream is about moving product.

Consequently, midstream services can create efficiencies upstream that improve the bottom line. Oil-GasTech recently improved its ability to provide greater value in midstream services, and simplified the sometimes complex and time-consuming steps it takes to move product.

Oil-GasTech now offers comprehensive, turnkey services as a complete midstream development partner. With experienced leadership at the helm, the company has brought under one roof the E&I expertise of its sister company, Energas Electrical & Instrumentation.

“As we have evolved, we have integrated practical experience with technical expertise on both the design and construction sides of the business. This has allowed us to become the dynamic project partner that midstream operators are looking for,” Chief Operating Officer Jeff Stake said. “We’ve combined operations to reduce overhead and maximize synergy. Our project teams are fully functional and easily accessible. Most importantly, our clients can actually talk to the person making decisions.”

The company’s comprehensive offerings bring clarity to the often blurred lines of responsibility between multiple vendors, subcontractors, suppliers and equipment rental companies. By centralizing services and supplying its own fleet of construction machinery, the new Oil-GasTech is a single-source solution for midstream operators.

And while the company remains capable of providing individual services a la carte, its holistic capabilities create more value for customers. Among the benefits offered are fewer delay-causing change orders, greater collaboration among project team members and centralized communication.

The company’s expanded services include:

  • Facility Design
  • Civil/Mechanical Construction
  • Electrical/Instrumentation
  • Initial Padwork
  • Industrial Sandblast/Paint
  • Industrial Insulation
  • Turnkey Project Execution
  • Responding to Evolving Midstream Needs

Upstream changes as producers come online require the skill, familiarity and flexibility to respond safely and competently to evolving needs while maintaining focus on project deadlines. At the same time, operators need a project partner that is available, accountable and qualified, in order to make confident, informed decisions.

Inefficient handling of the vital project construction component can have a contrary effect on the bottom line. Change orders, vendor infighting and inadequate resources can all cause delays to pile up.

Oil-GasTech understood the need for operators to have a reliable and safety-focused partner when it launched its civil/mechanical construction and maintenance business in 2011, and when founding its sister company, Energas E&I, three years later. Both companies fulfilled needs for producers, operators and developers. Those same clients can now maintain a stronger focus on their core business, knowing that whatever decisions they make, they have a reliable project execution team that will help them achieve their goals.

Oil-GasTech’s business has always centered on three factors: safety, quality and relationships. Because of this philosophy, the company has flourished along with its clients.

Oil-GasTech has also maintained a zero-total recordable incident rate and its reputation for safety, combined with its proven responsiveness, earned it a top tier reputation in the Permian basin. As word spread, it earned new clients in the relatively nearby states of New Mexico and Oklahoma, as well as clients in the Northeast.

And today, after bringing the electrical and instrumentation capabilities of Energas under the umbrella of Oil-GasTech, the company can now respond completely to changing project needs.

With strong leadership behind it, Oil-GasTech is uniquely positioned and uniquely qualified to deliver full-service engineering, procurement and construction in ways that minimize midstream operators’ ultimate, life-cycle costs.