Frac efficiency gains have had a significant impact on last mile logistics. As crews complete more stages per day and sand intensity continues to increase, last mile logistics providers are asked to deliver more sand in a shorter period of time, while decreasing the delivered cost per ton and minimizing nonproductive time. Declining oil prices and the push to optimize supply chains put downward pressure on trucking rates and reduce the number of available drivers.

These challenges force last mile operators to constantly seek optimization opportunities and look for tools to drive out waste. As supply chain complexity increases, operators are embracing digital technology and employing the institutional knowledge and expertise of their personnel to achieve more effective solutions.

PropDispatch last mile software was developed to specifically address the complexities of oilfield sand supply chains. The pioneering proppant management, logistics, dispatch and inventory monitoring platform is a fully integrated solution that connects sand terminals, drivers, dispatch and wellsite operations with a single set of software.


Operating a highly efficient, low-cost, last mile process depends on driver utilization, maximizing payloads and adjusting to disruptions. A well-balanced driver base allows service providers to compensate for low unit hauling costs, retain drivers and flexibly respond to operational dynamics and peak demand.

Real-time, accurate consumption data is critical to finding this balance and staying in sync with the tempo of the wellsite. PropDispatch joins consumption data with driver location, available hours, terminal wait times and purchase orders to optimize driver selection. The software provides each user with a comprehensive view of last mile performance that is essential to such tasks as maximizing payloads, and tracking and analyzing terminal, carrier and driver performance.

Operating a last mile sand program can be a daunting task with considerable accounting and administrative resources required to process the huge number of sand, freight and wellsite invoices and field tickets. PropDispatch streamlines last mile administration with the latest tools and processes to simplify reconciliation and automate verification through direct connections with sand terminals. Consumption data is joined with costing information to provide real-time accruals for sand, trucking and wellsite information, and even generate invoices after each stage.

Mountains of performance data are collected from each point in the supply chain. Custom dashboards integrate silo data, box inventory, terminals and trucking information and present it visually for tracking and analysis of key performance indicators. Easy connectivity with dashboarding applications and enterprise resource planning software ensures robust information management to track last mile activities and benchmark crew performance. Historical data informs analysis, pattern recognition and opportunities for optimization, as well as inventory levels over time and consumption statistics.

PropDispatch last mile software manages this vital data in a collaborative environment that integrates all the stakeholders, and provides them with the tools and processes to improve last mile performance and reduce cost per ton at the wellsite. Learn more about how PropDispatch maximizes last mile performance here.