AS-22TM is a material engineered to efficiently break down formations, replacing Acid. This environmentally inert dry material can be used with no special safety requirements or PPE. Safe, repeatable, efficient breakdown material at near equivalent pricing.

Enhance your company's ESG framework.

  • Millions of Pounds Already Run 
  • Thousands of Stages Executed Without Operation Issues or NPT

AS-22TM has the additional benefit of creating residual conductivity in micro fractures, positively affecting well production.

Oil Field Packaging has created a unique suite of materials for hydraulic fracturing, and we are excited to introduce our latest product. Over the last few years, the materials have been applied in hundreds of wells and the early results have been incredible. We have not only achieved markedly higher productions but in addition, have reduced entry and placement issues. Products also have promising results in limiting Frac hits in higher well density DSUs.

Our materials are all patented, environmentally safe, and can often be designed into your existing job at near cost neutral. Our experience can ensure your trials are executed seamlessly through simple integration. These materials were created with engineering, safety, quality, and extraordinary value in completion performance in mind.

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