Since the debut of the Frank’s International VERSAFLO™ Casing and Drill Pipe Flowback and Circulation Tool in mid-2017, it has enjoyed strong customer adoption in the US Gulf of Mexico and internationally, including over 100 successful runs.  In response to industry demand for a VERSAFLO™ solution adaptable to a greater variety of applications and connection sizes, Frank’s is introducing the VERSAFLO™ Time Saver Series. The Time Saver Series consists of the original VERSAFLO™ HD tool, in addition to the new VERSAFLO™ Omni and VERSAFLO™ Switch.  All tools share the benefits of faster rig-up and rig-down times, elimination of the need for the rig to screw into individual connections, minimization of pipe tripping times, and seamless changeovers that reduce the risk of accident and injury.

The VERSAFLO™ system has earned industry recognition for its ability to streamline drilling operations, such as circulating out drilling assemblies, while enhancing safety through the reduction of manual handling and tool change-outs, and removal of personnel from the red zone.  While traditional fluid management tools are specific to either drill pipe or casing, the VERSAFLO™ system requires only minor adjustments to support drill pipe and casing fill up, circulation and flowback operations.

Our original solution -the VERSAFLO™ HD- is ideal for deepwater and ultra-deepwater applications, boasts a tensile capacity of 2.5 million lbs. and is compatible with 6-5/8 FH connections. The VERSAFLO™ HD Tool has an established record of generating significant time savings, as much as seven minutes per stand depending on the operation.

Watch an animation clip of the VERSAFLO HD in action.

VERSAFLO™ Switch Tool

switch toolThe VERSAFLO™ Switch tool (left) delivers the same functionality as the VERSAFLO™ HD tool, with the added benefit of interchangeable rig end connections without having to add crossovers and is compatible with any 5 in. or larger rotary shoulder connection. In addition to deepwater and ultra-deepwater, the VERSAFLO™ Switch tool is equally at home in shelf applications.

VERSAFLO™ Omni Toolomni

The compact design and flexibility of the VERSAFLO™ Omni tool (right) makes it an ideal solution for shelf and land work. It allows the use of shorter bails (8-12 ft.) and is compatible with any 5 in. or larger rotary shoulder connection.

“With the VERSAFLO™ Time Saver Series, we are able to bring the efficiency and safety-enhancing features of the original VERSAFLO™ tool to a broader range of applications. We look forward to introducing the new VERSAFLO™ Switch and Omni to enhance shelf and land capabilities and to continue offering the well-tested VERSAFLO™ HD to our customers’ deepwater and ultra-deepwater drilling operations,” commented Matt Weber, Vice President of Drilling Technologies for Frank’s.

Learn more about the VERSAFLO™ Time Saver Series by clicking this link.