It comes as no surprise to hear that companies will continue to explore low cost opportunities in 2017. NOCs will put more emphasis on growth and higher exploration impact while value creation, capital efficiency and returns on investment are all high on the priority list.

Andy Latham, VP of Exploration Research, shares some of the key findings considering:

  • How does exploration compare to M&A and recovery from existing assets?
  • What is the industry’s priority for 2017?
  • What role do governments play in exploration?
  • What oil price is needed for exploration to break even?

Plugging into industry opinion helps to better understand and evaluate the highest returns for explorers. Our Exploration Offering includes world class analysis of historical and future trends through our research or answering bespoke questions through our consulting business.

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Where are the exploration hot spots?

We've identified some of the key exploration themes and regions including:

  • The return of BIG Barents exploration
  • East Mediterranean gas exploration remains a key theme
  • Kosmos and Cairn dominate exploration drilling in Senegal & Mauritania
  • Suriname drilling will test the extent of the Cretaceous play in the Guyana basin
  • New frontier could open up in Brazil’s Equatorial Margin
  • New plays with giant potential opened in Alaska
  • E&A wells are on the rise in SE Asia

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