For more than 40 years, Hart Energy has delivered market-leading insights and data to investors and energy industry professionals. As a supplier of specialized energy data and mapping, the Rextag division saw the need to create a new resource to address some longstanding industry pain points:

  • Energy infrastructure assets are difficult to locate, identify and value.
  • Lack of unified and comprehensive sources of data.
  • Data is often inaccurate and outdated.
  • Comprehensive mapping and benchmark data is very expensive.
  • Interfaces are cumbersome, slow and difficult to use.
  • Very limited data visualization and spatial analysis.

Rey Tagle, who leads the Rextag division, took on the challenge of creating a highly useful online solution to not only overcome these pain points, but provide significant amounts of the data at no cost, and with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. The result is Energy DataLink. This unique service is targeted to the needs of professionals in diverse segments serving the energy industry: upstream exploration and production (E&P), midstream pipelines and facilities, downstream refiners and power generators, electric and renewables, banking and finance, governments, non-government organizations (NGOs), engineering and oil field services, and more.

Energy DataLink is an integrated energy data website that aggregates and organizes multiple databases and mapping capabilities in a single platform joining operators and assets across the entire energy supply chain. This gives users a unique value-added solution to maximize the profit and understanding of energy assets and trends and create synergy for asset use and management.

Specifically, users receive:

  • Free well production & completion data
  • Free basic midstream and downstream data
  • Access to extensive energy library
  • Powerful reporting and visualization tools
  • Fast and dynamic query mapping interface

Energy DataLink is a comprehensive repository for all energy data, including a library of over 3.5 million industry documents. Its value to users is enhanced because of the consistently formatted, interconnecting networks of databases, assisted by the latest technologies in data management, search and artificial intelligence (AI).

With this digital, subscription-based initiative, users create revenue-generating programs to maximize their integrated database of energy content and metrics. Users will also have a better experience due to the intuitive and powerful data visualization and more in-depth and holistic responses to specific queries.

Users will also have the ability to run complex queries using an artificial intelligence (AI) interface to interpret natural language queries AND/OR build queries in the traditional database querying formats. Reports from these can be presented in various formats including: mapping (downloadable in image format), tabular data (Excel or CSV format), chart, documents or PDFs, to enhance user value.

“We understand that user groups in our industry have varying levels of technical expertise so we built Energy DataLink to serve newer users as well as the superuser, who needs to slice and dice the data for enhanced business intelligence and competitive advantage,” said Tagle. 

The Past and Future in Presenting Energy Data

With today’s systems, there is a great deal of energy data available but with serious limitations in how it is collected and presented.

Energy Datalink

Typical issues include:

  • Disconnected/siloed databases
  • Inconsistent formats and delivery
  • Unreliable maintenance
  • Isolated in different websites
  • Lack of unified data-focused strategy

Energy DataLink removes the limitations of the past giving users integrated access to crucial industry data. Our current service, plus feature upgrades over the coming months, includes:

  • Interconnected data sources
  • Single-access platform
  • Multi-level compounded data filters
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced capabilities
  • Mobile and multi-device friendly

“We’ve created something new to the industry here, and users will be able to access the power of Energy DataLink almost instantly. From dynamic and fast query mapping speed, impressive visualization options and the use of artificial intelligence in areas like data collection, data processing, data generation and the user query input system, they will empower their business strategy by gaining transparency into a wide variety of infrastructure assets. This timely and consolidated data, in the right format, will help solve problems and make our clients’ business lives easier and more productive,” Tagle stated.

How to Register for Your Free Subscription

The Energy DataLink service is available to early subscribers at no charge. To order, or for more information, please visit the registration page.