Travel may feel like a necessary headache to your business. Sending your employees to different locations on projects can be expensive, and planning travel is often time-consuming and complicated. 

Travel can be especially taxing for companies in oil and gas. Because the demand can be erratic, the oil and gas industry can experience a lot of growth and decline in a short period of time. Finding places to stay with availability in new job locations is difficult, and the unpredictable nature of projects means that lodging needs can vary drastically from project to project. While some stays are short-term and transient, others are long-term and complex, and new or unexpected projects can send a lot of employees to a job site without much notice. 

You need a versatile program for project-based stays

Managing these changes and scaling needs from project to project might also make it hard to tell if you’re getting the best deal on your workforce lodging. Most in-house administrative teams don’t have the resources or purchasing power to get the savings, locations, or flexibility that might be out there in time for their next project. Not to mention, over 25% of hotel invoices are wrong, but many companies don’t have the internal resources or budget to perform audits, and may continue to overpay for their lodging program.

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Do you have a streamlined, scalable hotel solution?

A comprehensive lodging solution can help businesses invest more wisely in their workforce travel, regardless of whether or not the economy is thriving. CLC Lodging, America’s workforce lodging leader, can protect the investment that you make in employee travel by streamlining what is often a chaotic and costly reservation and reconciliation process to save both time and money. CLC Lodging audits 100 percent of hotel invoices, so members can know they are paying exactly the negotiated rate for their hotels every single time, and reallocate important in-house resources away from manual reconciliation and auditing. Hotel stays are even coded and centralized so you no longer have to keep track of hundreds of different hotel invoice sources.

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Because the majority of workforce teams book the same day as their stay, companies also need lodging solutions that are easy to access and that empower teams to book on their own terms while staying within policy. CLC Lodging’s Hotel Locator mobile app allows members to search for and book hotels instantly with the Book Now button, and find and map CLC Network hotels using current GPS location or city, state and zip. Our 24/7 traveler support also means you will never miss a traveler’s call, during the day or night.

And for more complex stays, CLC Lodging can help companies find and negotiate the best hotel for a project location within your policy and provide the support to manage rooming lists, handle reservation changes, and track direct and indirect costs with customizable reporting. 

Getting started is easy

CLC’s comprehensive lodging solutions offer energy companies predictability and savings, even in a rapidly changing economy. To start saving time and money today, speak to a solutions expert and learn more about how easy it is to simplify your lodging program.