The way you manage details can determine project outcomes. In the Permian Basin, industry conditions can create a domino effect if something slips through the cracks. Securing power, supervising contractors and forecasting long-lead deliveries takes experience. These are just a few of the interrelated tasks that can delay startups, especially when they need to be accomplished for multiple projects. Your project managers can produce better outcomes with a comprehensive partner that can manage all project details holistically.

Over the past two years, Oil-GasTech has integrated engineering and electrical teams with its safety-award winning civil and mechanical teams to become a full-service engineering, procurement and construction firm (EPC). With experienced leadership, its own fleet of heavy machinery and scalable, cross-functional teams, OGT simplifies project management for its client PMs.

“Our engineers are dynamic, well-rounded and not limited by their degrees, which is why they serve as our project managers,” said OGT Chief Operating Officer Jeff Stake. “They are experienced problem solvers in this industry, and they have the versatility to plan projects through completion and prioritize resources as needed.”

In other words, midstream operators juggling multiple projects can provide marching orders to a single point of contact and count on positive outcomes — whether for meter stations, production facilities, plant construction or something in between.

Oil-GasTech’s engineering, electrical and mechanical teams collaborate, especially when managing a portfolio of projects for the same client, thus thwarting costly and time-consuming change orders. And because the firm can provide in-house turnkey execution, OGT takes on additional planning roles that enhance its value to client PMs who are less experienced or spread too thin. Without having to coordinate multiple contracts on the fly, operators can do more and do it effectively.

“A single point of contact allows midstream operators to really function at a higher level, managing budgets more than day-to-day details,” Stake said.