Certified Labs began business in 1948 in Fort Worth, Texas, with a storefront maintenance supply business. The company said it realized early that the need for exceptional products and service was universal. By the 1950s, sales representatives were hired and sales offices were opened outside Texas.

Today, Certified is one of the largest manufacturers of lubricants in the world with plants, warehouses and sales offices located throughout the world. The company offers advanced performance lubricants, application equipment, value-added services and technical expertise to solve customers’ most difficult heavy equipment and industrial lubrication problems.

With manufacturing and warehouse facilities located throughout North America, Certified is able to provide fast, efficient service and support. The company said its dedicated to the specific needs of customers and are uniquely positioned for continued growth and expansion.

Research, product development, quality control, field testing and customized analysis are all part of the ongoing efforts at Certified to deliver market-driven, innovative and high-performing products to customers worldwide.

Certified believes it’s an asset to companies because it’s able to deliver a lower cost of ownership on client’s assets.

In this interview, Jerry Finn describes how Certified Labs services reduce costs, downtime and parts replacement. The company develops lubricants that are designed to prevent failure and increase the use of assets and lower cost of ownership. Further, the lubricants help to extend packing life and power use on the hydraulic fracturing side to valve grease that is used to reduce wear and parts replacement on the wellhead side.

To begin your conversation with Certified Labs visit to certifiedlabs.com or contact Finn at jfinn@nch.com.