The innovative investors at Tailwater Capital know energy is an exciting place to be.  Energy is a field that is essential and constant, while also dynamic and ever evolving.  By enabling other sectors like education, health care, communication, and technology (to name a few), energy is the foundational underpinning of modern human life. 

Today, many investors take a narrow definition to the energy and growth infrastructure opportunity set.  Tailwater’s differentiated “full immersion” approach, however, pioneers solutions that address critical gaps throughout all energy economies with an “all-of-the-above” mindset. The firm’s strategy has always been to invest creatively and move nimbly, with the presence and experience to recognize the “white space” and focus on returns for its investors and portfolio partners. 

Through this solutions-based approach, Tailwater’s wide – yet deeply informed – lens has identified investment opportunities throughout the traditional, transitional, and low carbon energy economies for years.  Since inception, the firm has executed over 100 transactions representing $22 billion in total transaction value.

In 2014, the firm invested in Petro Waste Environmental, leveraging its upstream and recycling expertise to build oilfield waste handling locations in the core of the Permian and Eagle Ford. In 2021, Tailwater announced the acquisition of NorTex Midstream, a strategically located natural gas platform facilitating additional renewable power to the grid while reducing intermittency.  Recently, the firm committed to Frontier Carbon Solutions, pursuing greenfield carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration opportunities.

Tailwater believes attractive investment targets exist in the sector of Energy Supply, where North America’s evolution from non-renewable to renewable sources continues to provide a diverse opportunity set.  Tailwater invests in responsibly sourced hydrocarbons that bridge necessary reliability, as well as alternative power and fuels that reduce carbon emissions.

Additionally, the firm focuses on Delivery & Logistics Infrastructure, driving advanced efficiency in energy and growth infrastructure as well as mitigation of environmental impact.  Tailwater’s team leverages deep historical knowledge to invest in critical infrastructure that supports energy efficiency, reliability, and emissions reductions.

Lastly, Tailwater invests behind Recycling & Byproduct Management. By investing creatively in sustainable solutions that convert waste into reusable end products as well as environmentally conscious byproduct management, Tailwater is providing a needed solution to bridge to a lower-carbon world.

Utilizing extensive knowledge of the energy and growth infrastructure sectors, Tailwater’s investment professionals continue to seek and re-define attractive investment areas.  Backed by technical resources focused on ESG / operational responsibility, structural enhancement, basin knowledge throughout North America, customer relationships, and governance, Tailwater is focused on creating truly sustainable value.

This unique, solutions-focused perspective allows investors to tap into the best of energy- and growth infrastructure-related opportunities – in any form of energy economy and at any stage of energy transition.