Anyone seeking to understand oilfield activity knows to “follow the money” – and by that standard, the Permian Basin deserves all the attention it’s getting.

Roughly $30 billion was spent on oilfield equipment and services in the region during 2014, when the boom hit its crescendo. According to Spears Research, Permian activity regained that level last year and is headed toward an all-time record $45 billion this year.

The Basin represents about 40 percent of the U.S. land market—the hottest market on the planet. ExxonMobil announced that half its upstream spending this year will be on U.S. unconventional assets, the first time in decades that

U.S. investment grabbed so much of the oil giant’s attention.

Boots on the ground know the story

This isn’t news to the industry. Thousands of oil and gas professionals will gather May 21-23 in Fort Worth for Hart Energy’s annual DUG Permian Basin conference and exhibition because no Midland venue is large enough to contain the crowd interested in Permian developments.

The 2018 agenda includes keynote addresses, operator spotlights and expert panels on critical issues influencing Permian Basin operations today:

The Impact of Big Oil—Permian oil production exceeds 2.5 million barrels a day (up from less than 1 million/d in 2008) and changes the world power balance. What’s next?

  • State-of-the-Art Deals—As operators add leasehold to their Delaware and Midland basin sweet spots, what prices are they paying and what will capital markets finance?
  • Stacked plays and minding LOE—Producers use manufacturing efficiency and Big Data to contain costs and make more oil. How will they capture and market associated gas and NGLs?
  • Export market roundup—In an era defined by abundance, more infrastructure and how America’s new bounty will reach demand centers depends on location, location, location.

Everyone who attends DUG Permian Basin wants to hear how producers, service companies and midstream operators intend to maintain the magic. World-class breakevens and leading-edge operations rely on continued improvement, so there will be plenty for engineers and executives to discuss. And with nearly all new West Texas crude oil destined for export markets, the world will be listening to these discussions.

Engineering-based performance

Investors are calling for greater returns, and producers’ earnings depend on capital efficiency and operational innovation. That’s why Hart Energy will debut uniquely focused DUG Technology content on Wednesday, May 23 as part of the DUG Permian Basin program.

Regional variations will be in sharp focus as technology speakers in the main room at DUG Permian Basin address:

  • New Permian sand mines
  • Water logistics and water midstream services
  • Last-Mile Solutions for proppant transport
  • What’s working now in the Permian Basin
  • Common practices employed by Permian operators (and why)
  • State-of-the-art technologies and products in the region

These topics, plus updates on key full-field development plans, will be detailed on the main stage and in straightforward Q&A exchanges that mark all DUG events. Full-conference DUG registrants get this technology-rich content as added value. Engineers, technical personnel and others most interested in the second day’s agenda can take advantage of reduced rates.

Case histories on the show floor

Producer and operator personnel qualify for complimentary passes to the exhibit floor throughout the conference. That access includes concise presentations in the Technology Showcase, a highlight of larger DUG exhibitions.

Technology Showcase audiences often hone-in on a specific topic then spend time face-to-face with solu- tion-providers. This year’s Showcase will address:

  • Drilling Better, Not Just Faster

From rig, pipe and bit manufacturers to directional drilling companies, new approaches and product enhancements offer incremental improvements.

  • Working Smarter, Not Harder

Digital solutions providers detail how sensors, Big Data and automation drive efficiency, save time and cut costs for their clients in the Permian Basin.

  • Lifting More, Not Less, For Longer

Getting more to surface combines art and science from suppliers of plunger lift (or gas lift) and pumping solutions (jet pumps, electric submers- ible pumps).

Shorter (15-minute) Technology Showcase talks typi- cally emphasize case histories for solutions to region-specific challenges. Each topical segment ends with Q&A and a networking break.

Attention-getting programs

Hart Energy’s “of the industry” perspective is reflected in its media (online, print and events), data and research services. This is evident in “All-Star” lineups of producers, midstream operators, technology providers and financial experts on stage – and in the professionals who populate DUG conference audiences.

As a special luncheon feature for DUG Permian Basin, Hart Energy is honored to welcome back former Navy SEAL Team 6 leader, Rob O’Neill. This great American warrior was a key contributor to Operation Neptune Spear, the mission that sealed Osama bin Laden’s fate. On a DUG stage for the first time since DUG Eagle Ford 2013, O’Neill will detail how this elite team of SEALs ended bin Laden’s reign of terror.

For more information about the 2018 DUG Permian Basin conference and exhibition or any of Hart Energy’s other DUG Technology programs, please visit