Reducing HSE risk is a top priority for every offshore operation where multiple vessels and other offshore assets are involved.  Drilling rigs, workboats, offshore service vessels and crew-change assets must focus on their own tasks while remaining operationally mindful of everyone else operating in close proximity.  Marlin ensures safety while reducing operational downtime in congested offshore environments, by ensuring that all parties working in close proximity have full situational awareness of the planned activities of every other asset in the area.  

Benefits of Marlin offshore operations management software include:
•    Enhanced safety via improved communication between assets
•    Improved security through real-time operational visibility
•    Increased efficiency with closer coordination and reduced downtime
•    Digital implementation of operational guidelines and regulatory requirements

Marlin is an industry leading  marine intelligence platform that combines temporal project planning with 3D situational awareness, analyzing and predicting operations using multiple real-time information sources like AIS, GIS, GPS, Radar, ADS-B and MetOcean data.  Planned operations are combined with this live positioning data to flag potential conflicts based on operational objectives and HSE policies. This continuous assessment of operations reduces risks to safety and to cost management, minimizing vessel and crew downtime due to scheduling conflicts.

Since 2015, Marlin has been deployed successfully in a variety of offshore environments worldwide, including:
•    Deployment to manage seismic surveying in an offshore Middle East region with nine fields, 33 offshore platforms and more than 300 active wells.  Marlin successfully coordinated multiple assets around congested drilling, construction and production areas, optimizing field operations and saving several weeks of operational time and associated cost.
•    Utilization in a marine control center to provide 24/7 operational support in a North Sea area with 16 producing fields and 50 installations serving five main production platforms.  Marlin coordinated multiple SIMOPS for offloading/production operations, diving support, supply vessel and fishing activities.  The operator said that “Marlin had an immediate positive impact on operational safety, and reinforced our recommended changes to current systems and processes.”

Collaboration and Configuration
Marlin is a scalable and configurable system providing a Common Operational Picture (COP) to multiple authorized users through Cloud enabled data synchronization. Marlin increases the safety and efficiency of complex marine operations by enabling better visibility of all offshore operations. Real-time data is shared amongst authorized key stakeholders including: the master vessel, 3rd party vessels and onshore facilities. In Ports & Harbors, Marlin provides an optimized digital solution visible to port authorities, transport and shipping companies, terminal operators, and other service providers who need to plan, visualize, schedule, communicate and optimize all activities during a port call.

Real-Time Data Integration and Visualization for Critical Decision Making
Marlin is a secure Cloud-based solution which automatically integrates theater wide data sources in real-time (including AIS, GPS, GIS, Radar, ADS-B, MetOcean and Satellite data) in conjunction with operational plans. Marlin combines the temporal and spatial elements in a unique Gantt based format, coupled to a powerful 3D GIS mapping engine. Automated configurable rule based alarms warn users of potential conflicts in advance, avoiding rushed short notice and potentially hazardous actions. The software’s dashboard module provides customized reports and automated KPIs, driven from an instantly accessible database.

Project and Operational Analysis
Marlin features time slide functionality for pre-operation planning, post operations auditing, event review and best-practice determination. The auditable database and situation playback enable users to have a more informed understanding of vessel time & utilization statistics, scheduling and movement planning. The Marlin platform helps identify potential scheduling conflicts before they happen, allowing for preventative actions to be implemented, thereby increasing the safety and security of marine operations. Post-mission analytics allow specific events to be replayed from the Marlin database. 

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