hart energy hall of fame nominations

Hart Energy Hall of Fame Nominations

The history of the energy industry is full of pioneering men and women who have expanded and reinvented the energy sector time and time again. From the offshore oil and gas boom in the Gulf of Mexico to the ongoing shale revolution – the past 50 years have seen U.S. oil and gas production grow to record highs into a world-leading position, and Hart Energy is eager to celebrate all of the accomplishments of the last five decades and beyond.

About the event

As part of Hart Energy’s 50th anniversary in 2023, we are proud to announce the inaugural Hart Energy Hall of Fame Awards and Gala in December.

As part of our year-long anniversary celebration, Hart Energy will also release a 50th anniversary special edition of our flagship publication Oil and Gas Investor in December which will celebrate the past 50 years of the industry while looking ahead to the next five decades. 

At our exciting gala in December 2023, we will distribute the publication and profile 50 Hall of Fame Finalists who have been groundbreaking pioneers in the energy sector during the last 50 years as well as many Next Generation Leaders whose impacts are making positive changes for how we power the world now and into the future.

Now is the opportunity to ensure your company, leaders and technologies are included in this prestigious inaugural class of the Hart Energy Hall of Fame! 

Easily submit Hart Energy Hall of Fame nominations in the form below.

Nominations deadline is July 15, 2023.

Nomination Instructions

Nominees can include individuals, teams, companies or technologies that have made significant impacts in areas such as exploration, production, efficiency, technological advancement, transformation, safety, environmental, finance, engineering or design, construction, shale, offshore, midstream or other sectors of the industry.

We are considering a wide range of nominees such as pioneering wildcatters, integrated energy executives, small and mid-cap leaders, technology developers, deepwater explorers, renowned geologists and engineers, finance leaders, carbon management experts, renewable energy developers and much more.

Nominate your company, teams, an individual or a specific technology that has made and/or is making a big impact in how we power the world today and tomorrow.

A good nomination will:

  • Be brief yet fully explain why the nominee should be considered
  • Explain how they have been a positive leader and influencer in their company, the industry at large, and their communities
  • Highlight the major accomplishments and highlight the impact they have had on the industry
  • Minimize unnecessary fluff
  • Quantify your answers when possible (revenue generated, percentage of growth, efficiency percentage gained, etc.)
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