Tim Magliaro

Vice President of Business Development, Lucid Energy Group, Dallas, Texas

Tim Magliaro believes that a strong leader exudes influence and an ability to adapt. As vice president of business development of his company, Lucid Energy Group, he strives every day to make sure he reflects his criteria for good leadership.

“I am big believer that the leaders who are ‘in the trenches’ with the team around them end up influencing every team member to exert maximum effort,” Magliaro said. “And when a team of that type realizes success, everyone around that leader manifests a desire for continued success.”

Magliaro lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wife, Carrie, and his son, Jones.

Inducted into the industry

“My father has been in the oil and gas industry for almost his entire career; that coupled with growing up in the epicenter for oil and gas, I knew this industry was my likely career path. I became fascinated with the technical side of the industry during my undergrad studies in engineering and captivated by the business side during law school. So, I knew with a certainty that once I completed law school, I wanted to pursue a career in oil and gas."

Important accomplishments

“When Lucid acquired Agave in 2016, there was approximately 100 MMcfd of gas on the system. In less than five years, we have increased the system throughput to more than 1.25 Bcfd and have become the largest private gas gathering and processing business in the Permian Basin.

Looking back, [negotiating my first mineral lease] appears to be a fairly minor achievement but successfully completing the full process from running title to drafting and executing the lease with very little experience really fueled my excitement for the business side of the industry.

Following President Pena Nieto’s 2013 reforms that effectively allowed for privatization of Mexico’s oil and gas industry, I spent a little over a year of work with the Williams team in Mexico City pursuing: (1) a natural gas transmission project with CFE, and (2) deepwater natural gas and crude gathering/transportation projects with Pemex, Shell, Chevron, and BHP. I am very proud of the time spent there and the progress we made while navigating new rules, regulations and business cultures."

Role models

“Mike [Latchem] was instrumental in developing my understanding of the importance of strategy in this industry. His long term vision and approach to planning for every outcome has been the basis for all my commercial strategies.

JB [Smith] has been another important mentor in my career. His experience in the Northern Delaware Basin is unmatched. He has taught me how important it is to understand the history of different fields, assets, and players in the basin and to use that knowledge to prepare for the future.

Pat [Carrol] was my boss throughout my time at Williams. He taught me the importance of building relationships and being transparent in those relationships.

My father always taught me that there are many paths to success, but the one common factor is hard work."

Always moving forward

“The relationships are what keep me motivated and passionate about the oil and gas industry. Everything from building the relationships to maintaining relationships, with both internal and external customers, is a challenge but extremely rewarding when the efforts put into those relationships result in success for both parties. In addition, it is very rare to see the circumstances that are the basis for commercial agreements not encounter an unexpected change at some point in time; and having a strong relationship with your counterparties provides the partnership with an avenue to adjust when necessary to meet the expectations of your respective organizations.

Capacity to learn and creativity are unique to young industry members. The availability of information today is much greater than it was 10 years ago; which grants young industry members the opportunity to quickly educate themselves in varying industry disciplines. This self-education and skill set is so important today in order to develop creative solutions to the ever-increasing competitive nature of the business.

ESG has recently become a major focus for the industry and its generating major challenges to all segments of the industry; the topics of gas capture, emissions, permitting, and reporting are just a few. But these challenges will bring new exciting opportunities to every sector of the industry."

Three More Things

  1. I have a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, a Juris Doctorate and I am a member of the State Bar of Texas.
  2. My favorite hobby is shark fishing on the Texas coast.
  3. I come from a deep Italian family. My grandfather was the oldest of 18 (nine boys, nine girls). All nine boys served in WWII and all came back.