Scott Van Sickle

CEO, Revolution Resources, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Scott Vansicle

Growing up surrounded by the oil and gas industry in The Woodlands, Texas, joining the energy industry seemed like a natural fit to Scott Van Sickle. Now located in Oklahoma City, Okla., he started Revolution Resources in 2018 and serves as CEO.

“I entered this industry because I was raised by an oil and gas family, and I always was interested in this industry,” Van Sickle said. “I learned later that it is arguably one of the most unique industries in the world, and this makes it very exciting.”

He lives in Oklahoma City with his wife, Amy, and his two children, Kinsley and Brooks.

Revolutionary thinking

“Starting Revolution in general would be [my greatest career milestone]. What helped me reach this sooner than expected ultimately boils down to taking risks. I personally took on material risk by doing what I did. Revolution’s equity sponsor also shared in this risk as well by supporting me – which happens with any PE investment involving a new management team.

I think the acquisition of Jones Energy in early 2020 (now Revolution Resources II) was by far the most memorable undertaking that myself, and likely my entire team, had ever done. At the time this occurred, Revolution only had eight total office employees.

Keeping an eye out for progress: “A good leader in this industry needs to truly understand that progress is never complete. The industry is always evolving on all levels and if you personally do not evolve with it, you risk getting behind professionally.

Although there will be many cycles ahead, there will always be ample demand for generic hydrocarbon products – and as long as there is demand for our products, our industry will find a way to produce and sell them."

Unparalleled uniqueness

“Short-term, I would like to see one of the Revolution investments reach full cycle. Long-term, I would like to continue the net-growth of the assets under the Revolution umbrella.

Nothing parallels the uniqueness of this industry. I love generating careers for others, and I love new challenges in this industry. I think that those under 40 have a lot to offer in the form of technological understanding that the industry needs in order to continue to progress. I think that a focus on reducing net emissions will of course be an undertaking that this industry must go through.”

Three More Things

  1. I spent most of my time in high school playing drums in a band in Houston that opened for numerous touring artists.
  2. I ran a margarita machine rental business in college.
  3. I once won an entry to the World Series of Poker, but was too young to play; I was 18 years old at the time.