Lacey Falls

CFO, AEGIS Hedging Solutions, The Woodlands, Texas
Lacey Falls

As a CFO at only 32 years old, Lacey Falls feels that she could not have gotten to this position this early in her career without the support and guidance of her mentors and family. In her role, she hopes to be an inspiration and role model to her team members as a form of expressing gratitude to those mentors.

“AEGIS is just beginning its growth journey, and I am excited to be a part of the leadership team,” Falls said. “I want to continue to create efficiencies and to welcome others into our unique culture. I love that I get to leave my footprint at AEGIS. I hope to inspire the next generation of leaders in the oil and gas industry through my leadership. I have so many mentors that have left their footprint on my career path, and I hope to do the same for others along my journey.”

Falls serves as CFO of AEGIS Hedging Solutions, while living in Cypress, Texas, with her husband and daughter.

Working her way up

“I started my career in audit at PwC with many clients in the oil and gas industry. Between growing up in South Texas, where most of my family earned a living in the oil and gas industry, and working with many oil and gas clients as a third-party auditor, I always felt a draw and passion toward the industry.

It was always my goal to become a CFO, but I never imagined becoming CFO at 32 years old. I was able to achieve this milestone due to an amazing network, the support and guidance of great mentors and my AEGIS team, of course. This support system enabled me to embrace my strengths and take advantage of opportunities that present themselves along the way.”

Rewarding challenges

“Within a six-month period, I contributed and led several aspects of our 2020 Capital Campaign, supported closing three acquisitions and became a mom for the first time. 

During the capital campaign, I was able to contribute and lead several aspects of the due diligence within the financial, tax, legal and insurance sectors. This included preparing and gathering many data points such as client revenue data, financial forecasts, client contracts, material vendor contracts, provided continuous support for financials and directed variance analysis meetings. 

During the acquisitions, I led the financial integration of these three companies including client invoicing, accounts receivables, accounts payable, valuation analysis, managed year-end audit including two of the acquisitions, merging legal entities post acquisitions, working through final tax returns and onboarded new employees while working across departments to recognize synergies throughout the financial integration process. 

I would not have been able to accomplish this without the unwavering support of my AEGIS team and my family.”

Welcoming change

“The volatility of the industry, while it has its challenges, it also presents us as leaders opportunities to make a difference and work together to make a positive impact. Not only is embracing change pivotal to the future of the industry, but even more important is harnessing that change into a positive as we navigate the constant ups and downs.

As a group, [young professionals] have the ability to adapt quickly to changing situations and environments, which is paramount to the oil and gas industry. Several things have contributed to this such as the fast-changing technology, economy, etc. We have learned to adapt quickly to situations and embrace the change.”

Shaping the leaders of tomorrow

“A leader must have self-awareness to understand their role within a leadership team, respect of their team’s input and perspectives, and empowerment is key to building up your team to work together effectively and efficiently. A leader should always be ready to roll up their sleeves and dive into the details headfirst.

During the acquisition process, I am able to work across departments to seek synergies in costs. This not only helped financially but also helped gain an understanding of the needs of each department. With the fast growth of AEGIS over the last year, I have been able to apply my Excel skillset to help organize data more efficiently and effectively implement processes across the organization.

What has helped me the most in developing my leadership skills is watching and learning from those around me. The ability to work closely with different styles of CEOs and CFOs early in my career has given me unique insight into becoming a leader. Each executive that I have worked for has helped shape myself both personally and professionally. I continue to remain in touch with this amazing network of professionals. This network allows me to navigate the ups and downs that come with the oil and gas industry.”

Three More Things

1. My first plane ride was to London when I was 21 years old. I decided to take part in a marketing study abroad opportunity within Mays Business School. This opportunity was the beginning of teaching myself to grow by stretching myself beyond my comfort zone.

2. I have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a Master of Science in Management Information Systems. I love all things spreadsheets and finding new formulas that increase productivity.

3. Growing up in South Texas, I was involved in 4-H, including raising lambs and pigs for the stock show.