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Japan's JERA Buys on LNG Spot Market to Ensure Winter Power Supply

To ensure fuel supply, JERA plans to keep its LNG inventory level at 1.7 million tonnes during December and February, 0.2 million tonnes higher than usual, Noguchi said.

Pinched by Energy Crisis, Spanish Coal Plant Slated for Closure Fires Up

To help the grid cope, Spain's power company restarted operations at one unit of its 1,400-megawatt coal plant in the northwestern Galicia region.

Equinor Awards Contracts to Aibel for Norwegian Offshore Fields

Equinor Awards Contracts to Aibel for Norwegian Offshore Fields

The Krafla field development will be one of the biggest development projects on the NCS in the planned realization period.

China to Release Oil Reserves According to its Needs

President Biden urged nations to coordinate oil release from Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), in coordination with other countries, as part of efforts to tamp down high gas prices.

Goldman Sachs Says Global Oil Reserves Release 'a Drop in the Ocean'

Global oil prices climbed to a one-week high after the move to release oil from strategic petroleum reserves to cool the market fell short of some expectations.

Producers are likely to find a promising borrowing climate in 2022. (Source: Hart Energy; Larry-Rains, Aha-Soft, G B Hart/

Survey: Oil and Gas Price Expectations Bolster Bankers’ Confidence

Haynes and Boone survey shows that a primary indicator leans toward favorable borrowing for producers in 2022.

US Senator Warren Lashes Out at Energy Companies Over Natural Gas Prices

Warren said she was concerned about "the extent to which these price increases are being driven by energy companies’ corporate greed and profiteering."

Shale Oil's Slower Investment Sparks New Tension with White House

The rate at which U.S. shale producers put cash from operations into drilling for oil and gas fell to a record low last quarter, data from consultancy Rystad Energy showed.

Private Equity Investor Lime Rock Closes $203 Million Acquisition Fund

The acquisition fund, in which the Goldman Sachs Asset Management Vintage Funds served as the lead investor, received $134 million in new capital commitments to it and a separate co-investment vehicle.

Cheniere Partners Produces First LNG at Sabine Pass Train 6

Cheniere Partners expects completion of Train 6 to be achieved in the first quarter of 2022, approximately 1 year ahead of the guaranteed completion date.


How California is Using Hydrogen to Reach Carbon Neutrality Goals

The state has added light and heavy-duty fuel cell trucks to the market, setting it closer to a self-sustaining hydrogen economy, says California Fuel Cell Partnership’s Bill Elrick.

ProPetro, SEC Settle Charges on Ex-CEO’s Undisclosed Perks

Redman resigned last year in the wake of an investigation.

carbon footprint

Carbon Footprint Matrix: Reducing CO2 in Upstream Development

New chemicals and technologies are helping upstream oil and gas developers operate more sustainably and minimize their carbon footprint in their infrastructure.

Woodfibre LNG Awards Contract to McDermott

EPFC contract moves green LNG export facility forward.

Shell Builds Pyrolysis Oil Unit to Convert Plastic Waste to Chemicals

The move reflects the oil major's shift from fossil fuels to renewables and low-carbon energy.

UAE Sees No Logic in It Pumping More Oil Now, Says Energy Minister

The minister said OPEC+ would meet on Dec. 2 and base decisions on "balance of supply and demand".

TotalEnergies Wins New Deals in Libya

These agreements aim to develop solar projects supplying electricity to the Libyan people and to invest in projects reducing gas flaring in oil fields.

US Natgas Jumps 4% as Soaring Global Prices Keep LNG Exports Strong

Data provider Refinitiv said output in the U.S. Lower 48 states averaged 96.1 Bcf/d so far in November, up from 94.1 Bcf/d in October and a monthly record of 95.4 Bcf/d in November 2019.

US Releases 50 Million Barrels of Crude from Strategic Oil Reserve

The move is a coordinated effort between energy-consuming nations including China and Japan to combat the rapid rise in energy prices.

Well Done Foundation

The Guardians of Orphaned Wells

Industry executives, environmental leaders and elected officials are among those working to plug millions of wells left abandoned throughout the country.

New Fortress' US Permit to Ship LNG by Rail Could Expire Soon

Even if LNG by rail does not work, New Fortress could still transport LNG to the port by truck.

Oil Slips on US Plans to Tap Emergency Crude Reserves

Prices have dropped below $80 a barrel from a three-year high amid talks of a coordinated release and potential hit to energy demand from a fourth wave of COVID-19 cases in Europe.

E&P International Highlights

International Highlights (Week of Nov. 22, 2021)

Check out these E&P and drilling activity highlights from around the world.

E&P On the Move

On the Move (Week of Nov. 22, 2021)

New hires, promotions and appointments continue to fuel the industry's workforce.

Particle Drilling Technologies

Reducing Emissions and Improving Safety with IoT Systems

More companies are starting to invest in IoT technologies and services as a way to reduce costs and methane emissions.

E&P Tech Trends

Tech Trends (Week of Nov. 22, 2021)

This weekly section highlights the latest upstream technologies designed to improve efficiencies.

Hart Energy’s Unconventional Activity Tracker

Hart Energy Unconventional Activity Tracker (Week of Nov. 22, 2021)

Rig count, crude futures fall slightly, shale basin gas production rises

EU Drafts Plan to Cut Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas Industry

The European Commission is due to present the draft in December and it is still subject to change.

Stratas Advisors

What’s Affecting Oil Prices This Week? (Nov. 22, 2021)

Increased supply from OPEC+ and non-OPEC producers, strengthening of US dollar and uptick in COVID cases will lead to further downward pressure on oil prices, Stratas Advisors said in its latest forecast.

digital oil field - Flutura

Intelligent and Sustainable Upstream Operations are the Way for the Future

With a large amount of data collected, operators and contractors are now looking out for a way to utilize the data effectively to generate insights to improve their operations.