Woodside Energy Moves Past Hype To Deploy Artificial Intelligence At Pluto LNG

Finding suitable applications for artificial intelligence and then implementing them at scale has challenged the oil and gas industry for many years. At Offshore Europe, Woodside Energy’s head of robotics, Alison Barnes, explained how the technology is being put to good use at its Pluto LNG facility in Australia.

pluto lng aerial

Like most oil and gas majors, Australia’s Woodside Energy is grappling with how best to harness the myriad of opportunities presented to the oil and gas sector by artificial intelligence (AI). Unlike some, however, Woodside has some projects underway that are already delivering significant results.
One of the people charged with overseeing this transition is Alison Barnes, head of robotics. She is tasked with leading the efforts to incorporate the use of intelligence systems on Woodside’s new assets that are currently being designed at various engineering houses around the world. For the role, Barnes leans heavily on her background as an instrumentation and controls engineer.

“I lived up in Karratha, in northwest Australia for several years, working on LNG plants and supporting our gas assets,” she says. “I was then moved from production into technology to head up the robotics lab, and now I get to execute the executive’s vision for using digital technologies.”

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Mark Venables

Based in London, Mark Venables has covered the energy and oil and gas sectors for more than 20 years. He had edited several magazines including Oil & Gas Technology, Engineering & Technology and Power Engineer as well as contributing to national newspapers, newsstand and trade publications.