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Indoctrinated into the world of energy at the early age of three, Jennifer Simons knew she had found her calling. With her family playing different roles in the production side of oil and gas, it was only natural for her to represent the industry in legal matters after earning her juris doctorate.

In addition to the time spent practicing law and being with her family, Simons dedicates a significant amount of time to advocating for LGBTQIA+ adults and youth, reforming the foster care system and ending the AIDS epidemic.

All in

“Growing up in Texas City, I sometimes rode with my grandma to drop off meals to my dad and grandpa at Amoco Oil Company, where they both worked. As a three-year-old looking up at the flare stacks, I asked my grandma, ‘What do they do in there?’ She answered, ‘They make money.’ I imagined them climbing up inside the flare stacks, literally harvesting dollar bills from the walls and thought, ‘I am in!’”

Joining leadership

“Sitting on the Parker Wellbore executive leadership team is something I wanted to do since joining the company as a junior lawyer. I was always open about my ambition and worked hard to have and master the experiences that would make me a valuable contributor on such a team. The culture at Parker Wellbore is very open and egalitarian, so I always had (and took advantage of) access to CEOs, board members and other leaders across the company. I want to pave the way for more people to have the kind of fulfilling, challenging and rewarding career that I have had. We are an industry of people with grit, and there are lots of people who don’t know they would fit right in and help us solve our biggest challenges together.”

Creating a girl’s club

“Perhaps paradoxically (given our industry’s reputation as a good old boys’ club), I confronted more challenges as a woman in the legal industry than in the oil and gas industry. I have been extremely fortunate to work at Parker Wellbore for 12 years, where mentors have always been willing to teach, include, advocate for, sponsor, trust and challenge me in an interesting and ever-evolving career path. In addition, so many women have come before me to pave the way in the industry, especially women who work for operators and vocally advocate for full diversity, equity and inclusion. While those concepts continue to strike fear in some folks, there is a growing acceptance in oilfield services because whatever is important to our customers has to be important to us.”

Connecting across cultures

“We are uniquely positioned to solve today’s big problems. We are tackling climate change while delivering the most abundant, reliable and affordable energy source that lifts people from poverty and makes modern life possible. Our workforce spans from brilliant scientists to laborers; we work hard, we solve problems. We have opportunities for everyone. We connect people across cultures and socioeconomic status. We have some serious challenges ahead, and some can feel insurmountable at times, but I know this industry, these leaders and these workers can and will overcome and continue to build.”


  1. I am obsessed with my golden retriever, George. I can’t believe I did life without him!

  2. I am the first person in my family to graduate from college, thanks to a Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo scholarship.

  3. To wind down, I enjoy turning off my brain and turning on the Game Show Network with my family.

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