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Hillary Holmes is devoted to being a role model for other women in the oil and gas industry. In addition to her work at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, she is also a passionate advocate for finding legal representation for everyone who needs it as well as representing female victims of domestic violence and children in need of shelter.

One of the best pieces of advice she can offer young female professionals is to learn from career challenges and grow from those experiences.

“In each loss, there is a lesson to be learned,” Holmes said. “For every loss I have experienced, I have become a better lawyer, a better entrepreneur and a better leader. It is good to be reminded you must bring excellence to every business situation. It is good to embrace the opportunity to improve. And it is good to realize you are never done improving.”

Returning to the stomping ground

“I am a fourth-generation Houstonian, so I knew I wanted to return to Houston for my law practice after going away for college and law school. I wanted to contribute to the growing economy and be part of its lifeblood. As a corporate lawyer 20 years ago, that meant doing deals in the oil and gas industry. I was fortunate to start my practice at a time when there was a large volume of capital markets transactions for energy companies, especially MLPs, and we were right in the middle of it.”

Women who came before

“I am fortunate to have strong women in my family who served as mentors throughout my life. My mother went to law school after I was born and, despite the odds, worked her way up to senior partner with another big law firm in town. She served as a role model of a successful woman in a male-dominated profession and taught me the importance of being the consummate professional. My two grandmothers have served as wise counselors, teaching me to be thoughtful before acting and to treat everyone with respect.”

Facing adversity

“I was definitely excluded from certain opportunities because I am a woman, sometimes overtly so. I have learned not to waste energy on negativity and to turn my focus to more constructive opportunities. I played the long game, especially in this close-knit industry. I believe in keeping a friendly but professional demeanor, understanding my clients’ needs and working hard to find creative solutions. Intelligence and class are the best comeback to a patronizing comment. I have learned not to be afraid to ask for the opportunity when I know I can add value.”

Navigating the future

“The energy industry is facing new challenges and entering a new era, from a dynamic regulatory landscape to shifting strategies to access capital. I am passionate about assisting the industry in leveraging opportunities and guiding them through ESG, capital raising, M&A, governance and other complex issues. I am motivated by the chance to help clients pursue new initiatives, manage risks and navigate challenges. Together we are shaping the future. Every day in this industry presents something new and exciting. That’s why I love it.”


  1. I love to ski in the winter and hike in the summer with my boys and my husband.

  2. I am an ace at James Bond trivia.

  3. If I weren’t a lawyer, I would be an architect or serial entrepreneur. I just love to build things.

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