[Editor’s note: Hart Energy is a media partner of AWEA Windpower 2019. Opinions expressed by the author are her own.]

In just a little less than two weeks, thousands of energy professionals will gather in Houston for AWEA Windpower 2019 to hear from the companies and thought leaders in the windpower industry.  As a native Texan, I am looking forward to hearing about the latest announcements and trends in this exponentially growing industry. The location is no surprise given Texas is the leading state for installed capacity with over 24,000 megawatts (MW), and Oklahoma following with 8,000 MW to date.    

At this year’s event, the wind groups have worked to bring together new professionals across the energy landscape. That means they are bringing together a community of renewable and traditional oil and gas professionals.  

While wind growth in the United States has been exponential over the last decade, it hasn’t been without challenges. There has been a lot of hard work from the industry to improve community acceptance as well as well as innovative ideas for competing without subsidies.  

Technology advances combined with bipartisan support for renewables, given the economic benefits of these technologies, continues to attract capital and advance the process for getting projects in the ground and more renewables on the electric grid. In 2018, wind projects received $12 billion of private investment.  

Behind China, the U.S .is the second largest wind power market in the world and currently supplies over 6.5% of America’s electricity, according to the American Wind Energy Association’s  (AWEA) annual report. I look forward to hearing from thought leaders on projections for this industry and what the future of wind looks like offshore, with the potential of 2,000 GW of opportunity for power.   

Additional information can be found at https://www.windpowerexpo.org