Williams joined the UN Environmental Programme's Oil and Gas Methane Partnership 2.0 (OGMP 2.0), according to a press release on Feb. 21.

Through the organization, Williams will reiterate its transparency regarding its NextGen gas program, as well as investing in technology to decarbonize the natural gas value chain, the release stated.

"Williams is committed to achieving the most stringent methane performance standards as prescribed by OGMP 2.0, thus setting the pace for the midstream sector in the United States," Williams president and CEO Alan Armstrong commented in the release.

The company provides verified emissions profiles and monitors greenhouse gas emission reductions throughout the natural gas value chain, both from its own operations and its customers, through its NextGen Gas program.

Additionally, Williams recently invested in Orbital Sidekick and LongPath Technologies, two companies focused on different forms of emissions monitoring. The company then uses Context Labs' Decarbonization as a Service platform to measure and synthesize the data record progress and create verified emissions profiles.

"By leveraging new technology across our nationwide infrastructure footprint, we are confident we can enhance the trust and transparency needed to grow a differentiated low-emissions gas market and provide clean, reliable gas supplies to domestic and international buyers focused on a low-carbon future," Armstrong continued.

The UN Environment Programme uses OGMP 2.0 as its oil and gas emissions reporting and mitigation program, comprised of nearly 100 companies spanning 60 countries - representative of more than 35% of global oil and gas production.

“We look forward to Williams’ contribution as OGMP 2.0 is more than a rigorous reporting framework; it is a unique platform for collective action and peer learning among our members, who jointly develop new industry norms on methane management,” OGMP 2.0 project manager Giulia Ferrini commented in the release.