Venoco Inc., Carpinteria, Calif., plans a wildcat in California's Colusa County. The #1 Cimarron Rose will target Forbes in search of gas. The wildcat is in Section 29-15n-1w about 5.8 miles south of Colusa. Nearest Forbes production is some 1.2 miles southeast in an unknown field, reports IHS Inc.

Black Coral LLC, Denver, plans a 7,000-ft. wildcat in Section 12-13s-11e in Fresno County, Calif., about 12.1 miles south of South Dos Palos. The #12-1 Diedrich will evaluate Upper Cretaceous in search of gas. Cheney Ranch Field, which produces from Moreno, is 10.2 miles northwest.

Cleary Petroleum Corp., Oklahoma City, will drill #1-14 Bruffey Canyon in Section 14-27n-52e, eastern Eureka County, Nev. The Pine Valley prospect will be drilled to 8,000 ft. about 44 miles south-southwest of Elko. Blackburn Field is about 3.5 miles west and slightly north. There, #3 Blackburn was completed in 1982 pumping 346 bbl. of 27-gravity oil and 767 bbl. of water a day from Chainman and Nevada. The field has pays in Indian Well, Chainman and Nevada. The field has produced about 5.2 million bbl. of oil and 34.9 million bbl. of water since opening.

Williams Production RMT Co., a unit of Tulsa-based Williams Cos., plans a remote 12,000-ft. wildcat in northeastern Utah's Duchesne County some 18 miles northeast of Helper. It will drill #42-2 Reservation Ridge-State in Section 2-11s-11e. Although objectives were not disclosed, the well will target gas zones through Mancos. The site is some nine miles northeast of Castlegate Field and 11 miles southwest of Green River oil and gas production in Brundage Canyon Field.

Jake Oil of Utah LLC, Billing, Mont., plans a 12,000-ft. wildcat in a remote area in southwestern Uinta Basin about three miles east of Sunnyside, Utah. It will drill #22-14 CBM-State in Section 14-15s-14e in southern Carbon County near the base of the Book Cliffs from a ground elevation of 9,970 ft. The site is in an undrilled township nearly 12 miles east-northeast of the now inactive Grassy Trail Field, which produced from Moenkopi. Peters Point Field, which produces from Dakota, Entrada and Navajo, is some 17 miles northeast.

Slawson Exploration Co. Inc., Wichita, Kan., completed a horizontal wildcat about 14 miles north of Bainville in northeastern Montana. The #1-19H Marauder flowed 134 bbl. of 35.5-gravity oil and 147 bbl. of water a day with a flowing tubing pressure of 250 psi. The site is in Section 19-30n-58e, northeastern Roosevelt County. The Ratcliffe discovery is a mile southeast of Shotgun Creek North Field, which produces from Mission Canyon (Madison) and Red River. The nearest Ratcliffe producer is two miles south. Completed last year as a Gunsight Field stepout, #11-31H Riddle pumped 78 bbl. of oil and 348 bbl. of water a day.

Petro-Hunt LLC, Dallas, completed the #17B-2-1H Ingvald Mork Trust in northwestern North Dakota almost eight miles north-northwest of Alamo. The well initially pumped 32 bbl. of 39.8-gravity oil, 29,000 cu. ft. of gas and 32 bbl. of water a day. The site is in Section 17-160n-99w in southern Divide County, the second producer in its township. The first producer is about four miles east-southeast, reports IHS Inc.

Whiting Oil & Gas Corp., Denver, completed its #11-25H Peery-State, which recorded one of the Williston Basin Bakken play's highest initial potential flow rates. The discovery is in Section 25-153n-92w about five miles north-northeast of New Town in western Mountrail County, N.D. The well flowed 1,081 bbl. of 42.4-gravity oil, 1.5 million cu. ft. of gas and 203 bbl. of water a day. Flowing tubing pressure was gauged at 1,200 psi on 13/48-in. choke. The well was incorporated into Sanish Field, some four miles southwest.

Anadarko E&P Co. LP, Houston, has scheduled 15 coalbed-methane tests in its pilot project some eight to nine miles north-northeast of Hanna in northeastern Carbon County, Wyo. All 15 ventures will evaluate coal seams in Lower Eocene Hanna at 4,900 ft. in Section 2-23n-81w in eastern Hanna Basin. The project was first proposed in 2004 and includes construction, drilling, completion and production of up to 15 wells. If the pilot project wells prove to be economically feasible, the total life-of-project is estimated at 10 to 20 years.

Advantage Resources Inc., Denver, plans a wildcat about eight miles south of Kimball in the Nebraska panhandle. The #1-13 Heideman Farms will evaluate Paleozoic zones at 8,400 ft. The site is in Section 13-13n-56w, southern Kimball County. The drillsite is some 50 ft. southeast of a J sand discovery completed 50 years ago as the Stevens Field opener. Stevens Field produced 242,000 bbl. of oil, 127 million cu. ft. of gas and 61,000 bbl. of water from four J sand wells before being abandoned in 1973.