Edward Mike Davis LLC, Denver, has staked a location for a wildcat in northern California. The company's #9-1 Magers, in Section 9-15n-2w, Colusa County, will look for natural gas at an undisclosed depth. The wildcat is 1.6 miles north of Lone Star Field and 4.5 miles west-southwest of the town of Colusa, according to IHS Energy.

Cimarex Energy Co., Denver, continues its ties with California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger with yet another wildcat named after one of his movies. In this case, the #1-3 Kindergarten Cop in Merced County, Calif., will drill for gas at an undisclosed depth. The well, in Section 3-10s-13e, is two miles northeast of a shut-in Blewett gas discovery in Section 16, three miles west of Chowchilla Field and 8.5 miles northeast of the town of Dos Palos.

A new location has been staked by Richardson Operations Co., Denver, for a wildcat in Long Valley, about 40 miles northwest of Ely, Nev., in White Pine County. When the company applies for a drilling permit, the Nevada office of the Bureau of Land Management will prepare an environmental assessment. The well will be drilled in Section 21 in 21n-58e, an undrilled township in the northwestern section of the county. The location is about 50 miles southeast of Blackburn Field in Pine Valley and 70 miles north of Railroad Valley fields.

The company also paid $20 per acre for a 1,920-acre parcel in White Pine County that includes sections 11, 12 and 14 of 20n-58e. That parcel is about 3.5 miles southeast of the planned wildcat.

Pioneer Oil & Gas Co., South Jordan, Utah, is planning a wildcat about six miles west on the southeastern flank of Buck Mountain, where the Bureau of Land Management decided there would be no appreciable impact.

A fourth wildcat has been staked on the southern flank of the Uinta Basin in northeastern Utah by FIML Natural Resources LLC, Denver. The #2-14-1219 Ute Tribal, in Section 14 of undrilled 12s-19e in Uintah County, is scheduled to 9,635 ft. to look for gas in the Wasatch, Mesaverde and Mancos zones. The new well is a mile south-southeast of the company's proposed #6-11-1219 Ute Tribal in Section 11. It also is planning the #3-9-1219 Ute Tribal in Section 9 and the #20-10-1219 Ute Tribal in Section 10. The nearest production is about eight miles north in Natural Buttes Field, which produces from Wasatch and Mesaverde.

Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Wolverine Gas & Oil Co. has produced more than 100,000 bbl. of oil from its discovery about three miles southeast of Sigurd on the Utah Hingeline in south-central Utah. The #17-1 Kings Meadow Ranches, completed last April in Section 17-23s-1w in Sevier County, has been producing at a constant 700 bbl. of oil per day from a thin section of Jurassic Navajo sand. The Navajo section here is approximately 1,000 ft. thick, thicker than its Nugget equivalent on the Wyoming Overthrust Belt. Before shutting in the well for pressure build-up tests, the company said it is capable of producing 2,500 bbl. of oil per day.

Wolverine also drilled the #17-2 Kings Meadow Ranches a half-mile south, but it hasn't yet started producing. It also has plans for another seven directional delineation tests-which it will drill from two pads-in the area.

Bill Barrett Corp., Denver, completed a horizontal discovery well in the Ratcliffe member of the Madison in northeastern Montana. The #24-24H Tininenko I in Section 24-29n-58e, about eight miles northeast of the town of Bainville in Roosevelt County. Barrett hasn't released test details, but is drilling the well to the north-northwest in the same section to a measured depth of 13,519 ft. (9,168 ft. vertical depth). The well is almost a mile west-southwest of a vertical Ratcliffe producer in Red Bank Field that tested at 55 bbl. of oil per day in 1982. The well produced 90,315 bbl. of oil, 12.4 million cu. ft. of gas and 376,993 bbl. of water through May 2004.

A dual-lateral horizontal Bakken discovery was completed by Slawson Exploration Co., Wichita, Kan., about 17 miles southeast of Poplar in northwestern Richland County, Mont. Slawson did not disclose test details from its #1-12H Avenger, drilled in Section 12-25n-52e, other than to say that it produces from two openhole Bakken laterals, one drilled to the northwest and the other to the northeast in the same section.

A mile and a half northeast, the #1-6H Brown was completed earlier in 2004 flowing 225 bbl. of oil, 158,000 cu. ft. of gas and 255 bbl. of water daily from two Bakken openhole laterals.

Zinke & Trumbo Inc., Tulsa, Okla., submitted five new spacing applications to expand its Madison horizontal drilling program in southwestern Williams and northwestern McKenzie counties, North Dakota. It asked for 15,640-acre drilling units in portions of townships 153n and 154n, 102w and 103w, between eight and 14 miles west-southwest of the town of Williston. The nearest Madison drilling is about six miles southeast at a stepout from Indian Hill Field, but no details were released on the well.

Burlington Resources, Houston, completed a long-reach horizontal Red River well in Cedar Hills Field in northwestern Bowman County, N.D., pumping 950 bbl. of oil, 228,000 cu. ft. of gas and 3,550 bbl. of water per day from the Red River "B" zone from 9,146 to 16,154 ft. measured depth. The surface location of the #44D-30NH 15 Cedar Hills South Unit is in Section 30-131n-105w, about 11 miles south-southeast of Marmarth. The bottomhole location is southwest in Section 36.

A gas flow of 20 million cu. ft. per day rewarded Ultra Resources Inc., Houston, at its #16D-28D Mesa in Section 28-32n-109w on the Pinedale Anticline, about 10 miles south of Pinedale in Sublette County, Wyo. The well produces from 26 fracture-treated Lance zones from 8,342 to 13,762 ft. with 2,500 psi of flowing casing pressure. The well is an offset to the company's #1-33 Mesa in Section 33. That well, completed in 2003, tested at 16 million cu. ft. of gas a day. Between July 2003 and the end of June 2004, that well produced 2 billion cu. ft. of gas, 11,443 bbl. of condensate and 23,574 bbl. of water. It still was producing 3.5 million cu. ft. of gas, 19 bbl. of condensate and 30 bbl. of water a day in June.

Calgary-based EnCana Corp. plans two more exploratory tests in a continuing exploration program on the Antelope Arch in south-central Wyoming. The wells are 15 to 20 miles west of Bairoil in eastern Sweetwater County. It has asked for permits targeting the Fort Union for the #6-2 East Pappy Draw Unit in Section 6-26n-92w and the #28-1 North Pappy Draw Unit, 4.5 miles northwest in Section 28-27n-93w. The nearest Fort Union production is the #1-33 Federal, a mile south. That was the discovery well for Lost Creek Field, which tested gas at a rate of 12.3 million cu. ft. a day. EnCana has scheduled 14 more Fort Union tests in the area.

Mica Energy Corp., Oklahoma City, plans a wildcat on the Cambridge Arch almost six miles east-southeast of Benkelman, in southeastern Dundy County, Neb. It will drill its #1-30 Stamm to 4,430 ft. to Lansing-Kansas City in Section 30-1n-36w looking for oil. The nearest production is two miles north in Millennium Field, which has produced 687,000 bbl. of oil and 759,200 bbl. of water from 14 Lansing-Kansas City wells since 1999.

Denver-based Justin Energy LLC has asked for permits for two, deep, remote wildcats in the Sand Wash Basin of northwestern Colorado about 42 miles west-northwest of Craig. The company wants to drill the #1-13 Monument-Federal in Section 13-8n-98w in Moffat County to Mancos at 15,000 ft. The nearest production is from Almond 11 miles east-southeast. Some 13 miles north, the company plans a 15,000-ft. Mancos test at its #1-14 Yellow Cat-Federal in Section 14-10n-98w, also in Moffat County. There are no producing wells in the township.

Tom Brown Inc., Denver, which has been purchased by EnCana Oil & Gas (USA), wants to drill three wildcats about 11 miles north-northwest of Parachute in northern Garfield County, Colo. The Piceance Basin wells, all to be drilled from the same pad in Section 22-5s-96w, are the #WF01D H22 596 North Parachute, projected to 11,530 ft.; the #2D, projected to 11,607 ft.; and the #WF074 H22 596 North Parachute, projected to 11,522 ft. All three wells will test Wasatch, Ohio Creek, Williams Fork and Iles (Mesaverde) gas pay.

The nearest production is in Grand Valley Field three miles southeast where the #44-36 Red Point tested for 1.67 million cu. ft. of gas and 42 bbl. of water a day from four fractured Williams Fork-Cameo (Mesaverde) intervals between 6,294 and 8,233 ft.

The latest North Slope and Beaufort Sea area-wide lease sale in Alaska drew high bids of $14.7 million for 350,720 acres in 89 tracts, or an average of $42 an acre. The North Slope segment of the sale accounted for $9.4 million in high bids for 61 tracts, or $41.94 an acre. The Beaufort Sea portion brought in $5.3 million in high bids for 28 tracts, or $42.09 an acre. That total exceeds the totals for all four previous Beaufort Sea lease sales.

Among majors, only ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc. participated in the bidding. The other 10 bidders all were independents. ConocoPhillips bid in partnership with Pioneer Natural Resources Alaska, Dallas.

Armstrong Alaska Inc., Denver, was the top bidder with $7.8 million for 29 North Slope tracts, or $65.51 an acre. It was high bidder on one tract in the Beaufort Sea for $44,108.80 in partnership with Kerr-McGee Corp., Oklahoma City, with $1.55 million.

Other successful bidders were the Fortuna Exploration LLC subsidiary of Talisman Energy Inc., Calgary; Anadarko Petroleum Corp.; Alaska Venture Capital Group LLC, Wichita, Kan.; Devon Energy Production Co. LP; Mark Anderson; and UltraStar Exploration LLC.

The U.S. Minerals Management Service also outlined terms for its next Beaufort Sea sale, scheduled for March 30, 2005. Sale 195 includes 1,800 blocks, or about 9.4 million acres offshore Alaska's north coast from the Canadian border to a point near Barrow in the west. The area could contain 7 billion bbl. of oil and 32 trillion cu. ft. of gas in recoverable resources.