Increasing operator flexibility, eliminate multiple trips and avoid costly cementing operations without the need of cement plug is what Weatherford International bringing to the market through its new AlphaST single-trip, open-hole cementing and sidetrack system, according to Dean Bell, president, well construction for Weatherford.

“It is a true one-trip system, you can run, set, cement or not cement and proceed immediately to sidetracking your well,” Bell told Hart Energy. “The system enables you to set a cement barrier, inflate a packer to anchor the whipstock and drill the formation, all in one trip.”

Bell said the system delivers “a quick, reliable kickoff to reach your target…while shaving off days compared to conventional sidetracking operations.”
According to Bell, the new sidetracking system enables operators to avoid the cost and time of setting a cement plug, waiting on cement and time drilling. “The bottom line is OpEx savings equal to days of rig time,” he said.

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