As the world grapples with COVID-19, a group of service providers teamed up to use oilpatch technology to help their local communities.

Texas-based water service company De Nora Neptune LLC specializes in “on-the-fly” frac water treatment and cost-effective produced water recycling in the unconventional oil and gas industry. The company’s mobile treatment units are designed to recycle produced water and disinfect frac water by manufacturing bleach onsite.

Currently, these units, each capable of producing over 100,000 gallons of disinfectant per day, are being used to fill the shortage of disinfectants for the general public during the coronavirus pandemic thanks to a partnership with PetraTech Consultants LLC.

Alex Gonzalez, president, and Lambert Gonzalez, director of operations, for De Nora Neptune along with Robert Berry, president of PetraTech Consultants, joined Hart Energy’s Jessica Morales via Zoom to discuss how the group has worked with counties across Texas to distribute the disinfectant to residents through local Sheriff’s offices. 

The group says it is able to lend help outside of Texas and is just waiting on the call. Contact Gonzalez at 432-360-9020 or Berry at 713-253-9583. Additional information can be found at or