An Encino Energy five-well Ohio Utica oil pad made 618,405 bbl in the first quarter for an average of 1,380 bbl/d during their combined 448 days online. The wells were Ohio’s Top 5 oil producers in the quarter, according to the state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR), which releases well data quarterly.

Among all Ohio oil producers, Houston-based Encino, operator of EAP Ohio LLC, ranked No. 1 in the quarter, making 3.71 MMbbl—more than half of the state’s total oil output of 7.23 MMbbl—in the quarter.

Coming in second was Oklahoma City-based E&P Ascent Energy with 1.58 MMbbl.

Placing third was Morgantown, West Virginia-based Infinity Natural Resources’ (INR) Ohio LLC, produced 540,096 bbl. Utica Resource Operating had been Ohio’s No. 3 oil producer in mid-2023. Its Ohio property is now part of the INR Ohio portfolio, which helped boost INR from the No. 4 position to No. 3.

In fourth was Southwestern Energy Co., with 398,963 bbl, followed by Antero Resources Corp. with 262,027 bbl.

Encino’s Burdette pad

The new wells in Encino’s Burdette package—#1H, #3H, #5H, #201H and #205H—also produced 2.9 Bcf of solution gas in the quarter.

Ohio’s total first-quarter gas production was 534 Bcf, according to the state DNR, or an average of 5.86 Bcf/d.

The Burdette pad’s first-quarter oil production came after the five wells had already been online for 31 days each. Encino brought the pad into sales in the fourth quarter. Production totaled 121,757 bbl at the time in the combined 155 days, averaging 786 bbl/d each.

The package, which is in Ohio’s Harrison County’s Stock township, joined five other Burdette wells that were drilled in 2016 and 2020. The vintage wells—#4H, #6H, #8H, #10H and #206H—gave up 19,838 bbl in the fourth quarter after four had been producing for 3.5 years and one for eight years, according to the DNR.

The oldest well, which was drilled by a previous operator, made 117 bbl in the quarter.

Encino Energy bought into Ohio in 2018, picking up Chesapeake Energy Corp. property for $2 billion.

Southwestern’s Posey, Encino’s Lehwald

Ranking No. 6 and No. 9 among the top Ohio oil producers in the quarter were two older Southwestern Energy wells: Posey C #5H and Posey A #3H in Guernsey County’s Oxford township.

Their production in the first quarter totaled 196,867 bbl or an average of 1,082 bbl/d each.

Each well was brought online on Nov. 16. In the fourth quarter, during their 45 days online each, #5H made 58,250 bbl and #3H made 51,463 bbl.

Another Posey well, Posey A #1H, made 49,240 bbl in its 91 days online in the first quarter. In the 45 days it was producing during the fourth quarter, it made 38,098 bbl.

Another new Encino Energy pad, Lehwald, made 296,249 bbl in the four wells’ combined 360 days online in the first quarter, averaging 823 bbl/d.

The largest among the four—in Columbiana County’s Butler township—was the #205H with 97,274 bbl, followed by the #3H, #5H and #1H.

The #205H ranked No. 7 in Ohio oil production in the first quarter.

EOG’s Xavier, Timberwolf, White Rhino

EOG Resources’ new Xavier pad made 261,994 bbl from its three wells’ combined 273 days online, averaging 960 bbl/d each in Harrison County’s Freeport township. Solution gas totaled 1.3 Bcf.

The pad was brought online in the fourth quarter with three wells—#2A, #4A and #6A—for an initial 88 days each, making 405,372 bbl in their first 264 days online combined or an average of 1,536 bbl/d each.

One of the wells, Xavier #6A, ranked No. 8 in top oil producers in Ohio in the first quarter.

The pad’s total output is 55% oil and 75% liquids, according to EOG.

Meanwhile, EOG’s four new Timberwolf wells in Carroll County’s Brown township came on in the third quarter and made 780,068 bbl through first-quarter-end, averaging 886 bbl/d each in their combined first 880 days online.

First-quarter production from the pad was 213,493, with each of the three wells averaging 782 bbl/d each.

Its White Rhino pad made 30,800 bbl in its first eight days online in the quarter. The four wells—#2A, #4A, #6A and #8A—averaged 782 bbl/d each.

Ascent’s Jackalope

Rounding out the Top 10 was Ascent Resources' Jackalope NE #5H with 92,336 bbl in 91 days or 1,015 bbl/d.

The six-well Jackalope pad is in Guernsey County’s Washington township. Three of the wells were brought online in December 2022; the other three from late August to early September 2023.

First-quarter production from the pad was 305,619 bbl, averaging 597 bbl/d each in their combined 512 days online.

Jackalope NE #5H initially made 35,013 bbl in its first 29 days online. Through first-quarter-end, it made 266,994 bbl in a total of 212 days, averaging 1,259 bbl/d.

(Editor's note: This story is updated from an earlier one that stated Ohio's DNR reports NGL as part of the oil stream. This was incorrect. The ODNR reports only oil in its oil data; NGL is reported as part of the gas stream.)