US Releases 50 Million Barrels of Crude from Strategic Oil Reserve

The move is a coordinated effort between energy-consuming nations including China and Japan to combat the rapid rise in energy prices.


Over the last 18 months, the COVID-19 pandemic forced an unprecedented global economic shutdown.

As the world is re-opening from a near economic standstill, countries across the globe are grappling with the challenges that arise as consumer demand for goods outpaces supply.

But here in the United States, the economic recovery is stronger and faster than anywhere else in the world. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, U.S. is the only one of the major economies to have returned to pre-pandemic gross domestic product levels—in large part due to President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, which funded and facilitated a nationwide vaccination program, provided resources to schools and small businesses to keep them open in the face of COVID waves and put money in the pockets of those hit hardest by the pandemic.

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