U.S. clean technology firm 8 Rivers Capital LLC has secured $100 million in investment from South Korea’s SK Group and formed a joint venture to deploy zero-emissions projects in the Asia-Pacific region, the company said on March 8.

8 Rivers develops zero-carbon technologies such as hydrogen, carbon capture and biomass carbon removal. Some of SK Group's subsidiaries are active in energy industries and the group aims to reduce CO₂ emissions by 200 million tonnes by 2030.

To achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, many companies are investing in scaling up renewable energy production and green hydrogen to lessen reliance on fossil fuels.

Houston-based 8 Rivers Secures $100 Million Investment from South Korea’s SK Group
This represents one of the largest single private investments in a carbon capture solutions provider to date, and was announced at CERA Week by S&P Global. 8 Rivers Capital: Damian Beauchamp, Bill Brown and  Cam Hosie SK Inc. Materials: Young Wook Lee, Ki Seon Park and Eun Kyung Sung. (Source: 8 Rivers LLC)

The joint venture will combine 8 Rivers’ technology with SK’s regional presence to deploy clean hydrogen and zero-emissions power projects in the Asia-Pacific region, which emits more CO₂ emissions each year than the rest of the world combined, 8 Rivers said.

“Decarbonizing the global economy is both a multitrillion-dollar business opportunity and, more importantly, an environmental and social necessity,” 8 Rivers CEO Cam Hosie said.