Top 12 I.P. Wells in Niobrara Shale FlowOperatorWell #County, StateLocation/BasinComp. Date2,666.67 Boe/d (16 MMcf/d)WPX Energy Rocky Mountain701-4 HN1 Williams GMGarfield, Colo.4-7s-96w, PiceanceDec. 20121,966.67 Boe/d (11.8 MMcf/d)WPX Energy Rocky Mountain702-23-HN1 Bosely SGGarfield, Colo.23-7s-96w, PiceanceApr. 20131,831.3 Boe/d (367 Mcf, 1,770 bo)EOG Resources Inc.2-01H JakeWeld, Colo.1-11n-63w, D-JDec. 20091,774.67 Boe/d (4.36 MMcf, 1,048 bo)Chesapeake Operating Inc.31-33-69-A-3H York Ranch UnitConverse County, Wyo.31-33n-69w, Powder RiverMar. 20131,770 Boe/d (2.4 MMcf, 1,270 bo)Chesapeake Operating Inc.33-71 25-1H SimsConverse, Wyo.20-33n-70w, Powder RiverMay 20121,677.3 Boe/d (4.94 MMcf, 854 bo)Chesapeake Operating Inc.29-33-70 1H Combs Ranch UnitConverse, Wyo.20-33n-70w, Powder RiverMay 20121,633 Boe/d* (87% oil)Carrizo...

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